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1:1 Business Support

Work With Me 

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"Here to help you take ownership of your business, develop your revenue and define success for yourself through a practical consultancy approach with the ultimate aim of getting you moving forward with more control, structure and success direction"

Quickfire Session


This is for you if you are paralysed in inaction, need an immediate spurt of clarity and direction or require support and expertise in one specific area of your business. This is a quick immediate action offering.

+ 45 Minutes 1:1 with me discussing your chosen business topic - we will spend 15 minutes discussing the area of concern, 15 minutes brainstorming and 15 minutes creating next steps for immediate action


+ Prep questionnaire for a deeper understanding of your business and the area you would like us to focus on

+ Follow-up audio recording and notes

Examples of what we could use our time to discuss:

- A specific business struggle

- A period of promotion

- new idea

- Business plan 

- direction for inaction paralysis 

Let's get you moving forward babe!

Exploration Hour

"Having sessions with Chelsea has helped me gain clarity on where I want my business to go and how to get there. Chelsea has given me the tools to help progress and develop  as a person which will ultimately help my business. I look forward to Chelsea's sessions and feel they give me accountability, confidence and excite me on how my business will develop in the future"

Megan Donnellan - Business Owner, Content Life.

4-week 1:1 Programme

Deep Dive Session


This is for you if you require a more in depth review of your current business, have a loose plan in place that needs tightening, streamlining or validating and you require support in building out your structure for the coming months.

+ 2 hours 1:1 with me to review your current business successes and learnings, work through your revenue streams, brainstorm growth and structure for the coming months and create an action plan.


+ Prep questionnaire for a deeper understanding of your business currently, your unique success markers and where you would like us to focus our time.

+ Follow-up audio recording and notes

Examples of what we will cover in our session:

- Current business review

- revenue streams

- business planning

- Business growth and structure 

collaboration and visibility 

Let's create a plan babe!

"Working with Chelsea has been instrumental this past 6 months, in helping me take my cluttered work pattern and business into something more streamlined and profitable. I've been working on the business for a long time, so having someone to chat through ideas with, and ultimately make them happen has been a huge relief. Chelsea really took the time to get to know me when we started working together and I feel she really gets what I'm about"

Ceri Jones - Chef & Content Creator 

Powerful Planning + strategy
half day Session


This is for you if you are looking for the review elements as well as the planning + strategy creation , my clients tend to book these half day sessions quarterly or bi-annually, together we review the business, identify success markers, create new opportunities and put together a strategy and plan that feels good and is structured specifically to them.


+ 4 hours 1:1 with me delivered via zoom, this is structured into 45 minute segments covering each aspect required along with a break in the middle to regain energy + creativity. 


+ Prep questionnaire for a deeper understanding of your business currently, your unique success markers and where you would like us to focus our time.

+ Follow-up audio recording and notes

+ 2 weeks of email support following the session to further guide, advise and support.

This 4 hours session will cover:

- Business review 

- Strengthening business foundations 

- Success markers and goals setting 

- Revenue stream expansion

- visibility and collaboration 

- Plan and strategy 

- next immediate steps 

- questions on any other are of your business

Let's get you growing babe!


I was feeling quite lost in my business, I knew my ultimate end goal but wasn't sure on how to get there or what the actions were I needed to take. It felt like I was often just doing things without a reason or direction.I loved working with Chelsea! I knew from the start what it was we were going to cover in the session and that it was going to tick the boxes of what I needed help with. I now have a strategy. I know the steps I need to take to improve my business but also what the next 12 months and beyond looks like. It actually feels like I have a business now rather than something I was just playing around with.I have as a result invested in new branding and I'm preparing a full relaunch of my offerings. I have been consistently taking action and have never felt more clear.Thinking of working with Chelsea? Do it! She will change your business.


3 month 1:1 business support + mentoring 
£595 per month (x3 payments)

this is for you if your require and desire impactful structural change in your business, a clear direction for growth and expansion in all aspects in your business and diversification of revenue, visibility and mindset. This package also offers mentoring and accountability support across 12 weeks with the option to extend for another 12 weeks if required and desired. Essentially I will be on hand to be your business advisor, mentor, cheerleader and above all else truth teller.

+ an initial setting of success markers for our 12 weeks together and a deep dive into the current structure of your business 

+ 1 60 minute call with me fortnightly to create action plans, opportunities and deep impactful change


+ unlimited email access to me across the 3 months to consistently advice, support, hype and hold you accountable to the changes needed.

+ Follow-up audio recording and notes from each of our sessions

+ A co- working space to document our plans, steps and notes

Examples of what we will cover over the 12 weeks:

- business foundations 

- Being a business owner

- Time management 

- Strategy 

- revenue streams

- business planning

- Business growth and structure 

collaboration and visibility 

Let's make big moves babe!

 I was lacking focus, direction and motivation and as such really struggling to set and achieve meaningful goals. I had a vision of what I wanted BLOC + ROSE to be, and knew what I loved doing, but no idea how to start turning that dream into action. I was Paralysed in inaction. Working with Chelsea was incredible. Revelations dropped immediately. Chelsea made it clear that she wasn't coach and took a very directive approach, yet right from the first session she got to the core of my limiting beliefs (hello imposter syndrome) and demonstrated how it was showing up in and limiting my business growth. She has an enviable knack of holding the mirror up in a way that is straight up, yet gently challenging way. We made progress fast and I achieved more in the three months working together than I believed possible. Chelsea is very knowledgable about all things business and her guidance was always spot on. She's also just a bloody lovely woman. My business has been transformed. I have a new service structure, proper financial, business and personal goals with a roadmap of how to achieve them that feels the right mix of hard, but do able. I'm confident my offering, expertise and ability and working on projects that I would never have considered within reach a few months ago. Everything feels altogether much more spacious, structured and assured. Just do it. Immediately. Like right now. I've recommended her to everyone I know! 

Rebecca Mackay Miller - Founder of bloc + rose

Looking for more bespoke support for your business? Book a discovery call babe.

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