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Divine development

I'm so thrilled you are interested in finding out more about divine development!

I've compiled all my 15+ years of knowledge, expertise and experience in developing businesses, growth strategies and taking true business ownership and mixed it up with what I know you crave and need: structure, control, accountability, collaboration, community and voila! 

I've created the ultimate immersive container that offers a combination of group collaboration, 1:1 bespoke support and accountability to take impactful and decisive action to develop your business.


I hope you find all the information you need on this page but if not please do get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. So without further ado, let's jump in!

Chelsea x


What is divine

An 8-week, online immersive and collaborative container for the business owner who...

  • Requires more control

  • Craves structured business growth

  • Aches for supported development for both their business and themselves

  • Needs a new way of doing things - I'll ensure accountability, community and invested bespoke guidance


This online programme is a combined offering of a group concept blended with 1:1 bespoke guidance, working alongside a cohort (max. 10 per group) of wonderful women in business on a journey similar to yours. And that business journey is that of business growth discovery, new found ownership skills and a want to create a business that works for them in every capacity

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What's The aim?

For you to feel more in control of your business growth and development through bespoke structure, success definition and ownership tools, whilst feeling fully supported to make moves, discover new opportunities and create a new chapter in your business, one that feels in alignment with you, the business owner.

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The Modules

1. refreshing reviews

Together we will peel your business back to it's foundational cogs and review the 5 key business areas to highlight gaps and needs. This gives us the basis to move forward and build stronger than ever.

3. structured success

What is success to you and your business? How do we define it? The commencement of a more developed and structured focus with better direction and more clarity on your vision.

5. meaningful metrics

The most untapped asset in your business is data. How do we analyse it, take ownership of it, learn from it and build a stronger business through it?

7. business building

We have a plan, where do we go from here? This module is a mix of development for both you and your business - think outsourcing, delegating, leadership and boundaries.

2. radical responsibility

A total focus on you, the business owner. Stripping your inner business narratives back, rethinking the focus, supporting the development of habits that develop your business ownership through tried-and-tested tools and techniques.

4. soulful selling

This isn't just sales, this is revenue stream development. The opportunity to create a sales strategy that feels good and work on your own vocalisation of your offerings, pricing and customer journey.

6. powerful planning

How do we take everything we now know and make a plan? A plan that will allow us growth and space at the same time. A plan one that is entirely bespoke to your needs as a business owner, your success markers and the functionalities of your business. A plan that highlights your path along with your potential.

8. varied visibility

A deep dive into the diverse visibility options available to you and what they look like for your business. A focus on positioning yourself as a business owner over a content creator - how does this look for you? How do we work in collaboration? How do we outreach for opportunities?

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The format - how it will work

Divine development runs across 8 weeks and is entirely online, using a private and dedicated online platform.

Initial 1-2-1 call with me,
a business consultant

Each cohort member will have an initial 1:1 call with me to run through their business, industry knowledge, individual needs and desired outcome.

Meet + Greet with your cohort ladies

This will be followed up with a meet + greet for the entire cohort - an opportunity for each cohort member to introduce themselves and their business to the group.

Each week, we will come together online as a group. Here is what each session will look like:


1x subject session led by me

1x weekly guest session

1x Q+A and Co-Working session

support call to complete

At the end of the container, each cohort member will receive a final 1:1 call with me to cover completion.


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pricing + payment plans

one payment


three individual payments of

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next steps to join divine development

If you are loving what you've learnt already about Divine Development and are keen to confirm your space on the June 2022 cohort, Hit the book now button below, confirm your payment plan and we will get you on-boarded.

If you have any questions or require any further information on Divine Development, please feel free to drop them over to me via email also. 

Thanks for taking the time to discover this, the creation of which has been an absolute pleasure and something I am immensely proud of, I do hope you will join me on this journey!

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Start Date for next cohort

week commencing 6th JUNE 2022

Running until week commencing 21st july 2022

. Divine Development runs twice a year, if you miss this one be sure to Subscribe to my mailing list for the dates of the next container.

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here's some kind words from some women in business who have worked with me directly or taken part in one of my previous programmes or workshops.

check out my rave reviews page To see more testimonials.


i've had my eye on Chelsea for a while so when I saw Feel Good Foundations come up I literally jumped at the chance to work with her!


I'd recommend the course to anyone who's seeking clarity and direction in their business. there's so many great tools and resources, to help you get clear on what your business is and where you're going with it.

I'd describe Che;sea as someone who is generous, empathetic and honest. It's really important to work with someone who's coming from a good place."

Saima Majid
Transformational Coach

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 07.31.03.png

Chelsea made me realise my worth not only in my business but in myself too. She helped me scale in a way that felt comfortable and achievable all while pushing me to dream big. Chelsea has so much knowledge to share and will help you gain clarity on your direction (even if, like me, you have no idea where to start). 


Chelsea is a total dream to work with and if you are reading this feeling stuck, in a rut or just wanting a bit of help to reach your goals then Chelsea is the woman for the job. You will not regret it for a second.

Ella Piper
Business Owner, Virtually Ella

li sa wang.png

i was struggling with lack of direction, lack of clarity regarding my potential and the industry and imposter syndrome. the work was very tangible and transformational. it was a pleasure to work with chelsea.

my transformation, both personally and professionally has been incredible. the wins have been truly compounded over time.

i have created multiple businesses, new income streams and overcome a huge amount of inaction paralysis.

lisa wang
diversity + inclusion consultant and speaker

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A message from me to you, babe


Hey Babe,

So, what do you think? Fancy joining the divine development crew from june to create wonderful development, growth + control for your business? I would love to have you!

If you want to check that this is right for you, have some questions for me or just want to chat it all through, you can book a call with me below!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Chelsea x


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