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Have an idea for something new babe? Whether it's a completely new business, something new within your established business or a side hustle, I can help you find clarity in your idea, give you a better understanding of your next steps and support you with testing. Have a look at how we can work together on this below.

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Exploration Hour - £99

This is for you if you are looking to quickly validate an idea, need clarity or next steps, whether for an entirely new business, a new product or package launch or a side hustle idea, this call gives you 60 minutes to pick my brains, get some pro advice and work out the next steps to bring this idea to life!


 Pre call questionnaire & research 

1 60 minute 121 call with Chelsea at a time & date of your choosing 

 Follow up notes, recommendations and next steps

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Exploration 4 Week Programme - £500

This is for you if you want to explore your new idea in real depth over a period of time, to research, test, plan and implement. Together in a 121 capacity and over a 4 week period of your choosing, we will strengthen your idea, create a business plan, understand your unique success markers and create a strategy to achieve them. Book a free intro call to find out if this package is right for you!

Breakdown of package:

Week 1 - Understand the purpose and ideal client behind the idea (the why and who) 

Week 2 - Strengthen and test the idea, a look at systems & processes and best client journey

Week 3 - 90 day business plan for your idea, this will include next steps and success markers

Week 4 - The strategy behind the plan, how will you achieve those success markers? 

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Pre-work questionnaire & research 

4 60 minute 121 sessions over a 4 week period 

Full support throughout from Chelsea through unlimited email access

Follow up after each session with notes, recommendations and next steps 

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Ready to take your idea to

the next level?

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Start building your business foundations with me! Feel Good Foundations is my group programme created for YOU to support you in building solid & sustainable foundations whilst ensuring they are in alignment with your core business purpose, we will also look at soulful selling, commitment, building trust, collaboration and much much more, the programme runs over an 8 week period with a blend of weekly group session, curated resources and unlimited email access to me. Grab your spot now on the next round of Feel Good Foundations.