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Welcome Babe!

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I'm so thrilled you are interested in finding out more about Feel Good Foundations. This group programme was created to offer accessible and affordable business support to women wanting to build or grow their fantastic businesses with strong and aligned foundations. There are so many offerings out there that focus solely on the business owner, Feel Good Foundations focuses on both the business (internally & externally) and the business owner. Getting clarity on your purpose, direction and structure is key to feeling as in control as possible of your business. I hope you find all the information you need on this page but if not please do get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. So without further ado, let's jump in!

Chelsea x

 What is Feel Good Foundations?

An 8-week group programme created and curated to give you clarity and confidence in your business and the tools needed to create aligned purpose led business foundations delivered by weekly group zoom sessions and follow up workbooks and resources.


"I was looking for some business mentoring this year and had been following Chelsea for a while. When the Feel Good Foundations program came up, I knew I couldn’t not do it so I booked a spot. What I’ve loved about working with Chelsea is her sincerity and the safety she provides as a mentor. The entrepreneurial journey is such a personal process and comes with its ups and downs. It’s imperative to be working with someone you trust. You know when working with Chelsea that she’s a badass business woman, loves serving others and does it with a really open heart. She has set a precedent! I would recommend working with Chelsea 10/10 and if you are thinking of signing up to Feel Good Foundations, go for it! Saima Majid - Transformation Coach

Who is Feel Good Foundations for?

Feel Good Foundations - Logo & Branding-

For women in business looking to create and align (or re-align) with their core business foundations 


For women who have a business idea they would like to bring to life immediately or in the future

How will this programme benefit me?

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The 8 part programme has been designed to take you on a business journey covering key business pillars therefore the benefits are vast however my key aim for anyone joining this programme is for them to have clarity and confidence in their business or business idea and the tools & techniques they need to create solid aligned business foundations 

"I feel extremely lucky to be working with Chelsea again and to be a part of the 

 beta/pilot of the Feel Good Foundations Programme. I am thoroughly enjoying the content, access and benefits of the course. Chelsea has a wealth of business experience and knowledge. Her passion 

to help women in business succeed is a credit to her values, this is clearly evident within the programme" I would recommend working with Chelsea 10 fold! 

 Lorna Ive - Founder of PeriMenoPost

Feel Good Foundations - Logo & Branding-

What's included?

Feel Good Foundations - Logo & Branding-
  • 8x 60-minute live group sessions with Chelsea via Zoom

  • 4x bonus material - pre-recorded videos with guest experts 

  • Initial networking session for the whole group

  • Workbook and resources sent to you after each session

  • Unlimited email access to Chelsea across the full 8 weeks

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group

  • Follow-up group session via Zoom 2 weeks after the programme finishes for follow up questions & check in

£388 (All Inclusive)

The Modules
What will we cover?

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The Feel Good Foundations 8 week programme will cover 8 modules as follows: 



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The most important part of any business is clarity on your why, your direction and structure. In this first module we will cover:

- Your purpose - why you do what you do beyond the financial gain (which is a given!) 
- Your business vision - what do you want to achieve long term? 
- Your business values - what does your business stand for?

- What is your Unique Selling Point? (Spoiler alert, it's you babe!) 

- Ideal client personas - who are you serving?
- Working in alignment with these consistently 

- Purpose, vision & value evolvement 
- An intro to business planning 



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Ensuring your behind the scenes is working for you is essential for ensuring business consistency whilst helping avoid burnout & overwhelm. We will be covering:

- Business checklist - do you have everything you need in place?

- Business budgeting 

- Business with integrity 

- Day to Day Business Management 

- Customer journey

- 1 Bonus expert session covering Basics Business Legals

- 1 Bonus expert session covering an Introduction to systems and tech for online businesses. 



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Understanding that every business owner experiences internal and external ebbs & flows is key for staying committed to your business. In this module we will be covering:

- What does business commitment look like 
- Understanding ebbs and flows in your business

- Staying committed during ebbs and flows 
- Business Boundaries 
- Commitments to yourself and your abilities 
- Learnings and wins 
- Internal validation & praise projects
- Using reflection as a business tool 



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Business Planning

Planning for your business and creating a strategy doesn't have to be overwhelming, allow me to introduce you to the 90 day business plan! Here is what we will be covering:

- 3 goal concept 

- Why 90 day business plan?
- Create your 90 day business plan framework
- What is strategy? 

- Incorporate your strategy into your 90 day business plan

- Using your business plan and strategy as a business tool
- Honing your forecasting skills 

- SWOT analysis tool 



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Selling your offerings doesn't have to feel cringe or sleazy, in this module we will be looking at a different way of selling. We will be covering:

- An intro to soulful selling 
- Revenue streams & streamlining 

- The sales experience 
- Your sales process 
- Pricing 
- Sales confidence 

- Client onboarding 

- Using a CRM system



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In this module we will be looking at your ever evolving business, how to plan for growth and delving into collaboration opportunities. Here is what we will be looking at:

- Business development 
- Collaboration 
- Seeing collaboration as a business opportunity

- Planning for growth 
- Outreaching 
- The importance of networking 
- Using networking as a business tool 



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Business Support

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. In this module we will be looking at at different support options, best practice for outsourcing and understanding what your business needs are. Here's a breakdown:

- The benefits of outsourcing 
- Areas of outsourcing 
- Creating an outsourcing roadmap 

- Outsourcing for growth 

- Supporting yourself in your business 

- 1 bonus expert session on caring & supporting your mindset



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In this final module we will be looking at how you build potential client trust, develop word of mouth marketing and the basics of marketing your business. 

- Becoming a trusted expert 
- The value of word of mouth marketing

- Testimonials and constructive feedback 

- Being ready for business opportunities 

- 1 bonus expert session on the basics of marketing magic 

Start Dates

Coming soon! Hit the button below to register your interest. You'll be contacted as soon as dates are available.

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Payment plans

The full price of a space on Feel Good Foundations  is of £388, there are payment plans available to you as detailed below.

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1 payment of: 

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Feel Good Foundations - Logo & Branding-


Here's some feedback from the wonderful women who have already taken part in Feel Good Foundations 

Feel Good Foundations - Logo & Branding-

Attending Chelsea’s Feel Good Foundations course has been such an invaluable experience. It has not only given me the opportunity to really grasp the concept of creating a business with a purpose, but also, has provided me with the tools and knowledge as to how I can grow and nurture it in a manner that aligns with my values.

 Chelsea is so knowledgeable and charismatic and really goes far and beyond to make sure we all feel very supported in every step of our journey. She pays attention and takes into consideration all our business ideas, values and challenges we encounter, and works with us in a very transparent and empowering way to provide solutions to our problems.I’ve learnt more about my business than any other webinar or course I've attended (and I’ve been to a LOT). 

I am confident that with Chelsea’s help, my platform will grow and it will become invaluable to others too, the same way this course has been invaluable to me.Feel Good Foundations gives an unique perspective and knowledge on how to build your creative enterprise in a purposeful, mindful, beneficial way for you. I don’t think you can get that anywhere else. It is the knowledge solution for your business problem!  Providing a soulful solution for my founder’s insecurities has been of tremendous value and I can’t it recommend enough.

 Millie Kotseva - Owner of CultureTold 

A message to you from me.


Hey Babe,

So, what do you think? Fancy joining the Feel Good Foundations crew from the 6th July to create wonderful 

foundations for your business? I would love to have you!

If you want to check that this is right for you, have some questions for me or just want to chat it all through, you can book a call with me below!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Chelsea x