10 FREE Ways To Support Women In Business

Updated: Jan 23

Do your bit to support the female-owned business community with these super-simple 'to-do's'. They cost nothing and take mere moments to action but DO make a big difference, with the ripples spreading far and wide.

First of all, WHY should you support another woman's business?

I have written a whole blog on this, which you can read here: "Why Should You Support Female-Owned Businesses?". Do check it out because it goes into much more detail with some interesting stats and insights.

To briefly summarise:

Female business owners face some really unfair challenges:

  • Lack of financial support

  • Lack of social support

  • Less access to business support

  • Gender inequality & bias

  • Gender pay gap

  • Lack of confidence

These barriers to success make an already difficult mission (because running a business is NOT easy, although it is very rewarding) that much harder for women. This is why we must work together to overcome these obstacles and create a thriving business community where women are valued.

When you support a female-owned business, you...

  • Invest in women's economic growth

  • Promote gender parity and equality

  • Give women a voice and allow them be heard

  • Join a community who identifies with your struggle

  • Support a dream, just like yours

10 FREE Ways To Support Female-Owned Businesses

1. Offer a skill swap / knowledge share

business women collaborating

Never be too proud to ask for AND offer help. Maybe you specialise in marketing but could do with some help when it comes to your business processes. I bet a specialist in business processes wouldn't turn away an opportunity for some marketing know-how.

Pay it forward - if sharing your past mistakes can help another female business owner avoid making the same mistakes and fast-track her to success - well, we all win. Too often, business owners hold back on sharing for fear of giving away a competitive advantage. But actually, being transparent about decisions you've made is refreshing and motivational, oozes self-confidence whilst portraying one hell of a positive brand image.

The great thing about a skill swap is that both of your businesses stand to benefit.

2. Leave a review

leave a review typing on laptop

Leaving a review is a wonderful way to recognise a business' accomplishments and help them to attract new clients. Positive reviews build trust and could be what sways a client into buying.

You can leave reviews via Google, Trust Pilot, Facebook, Linked or even dropping them a message or email.

3. Share or save their posts on social media

solopreneur creating content for social media

You've spent ages perfecting an Instagram post... so, how does it feel when someone engages with it? Doesn't it feel even more special when that person is someone you respect - you've been seen and understood!

Now put the shoe on the other foot - maybe the woman behind the post has had a tough week and her self-belief is wavering but your endorsement has just provided her with the affirmation she needed to keep going! Yes, sometimes it can take as little as that.

4. Give them a shoutout

mobile phone business shout out

I always make space in my content plan for a lickle shout-out. IG stories are the PERFECT place for this. You can share content that you don't want to assign the permanence of the grid. And you can bet there's a hashtag trending e.g. #SmallBusinessSaturday

Not only are you selflessly showcasing a female boss (never stop reminding the world) but you're being super helpful to your audience by directing them to more fab content - win!

"But I normally charge for a 'shout out"

Depending on your business, income streams and partner/sponsor commitments, you may want to try a different approach for this but, first and foremost, I urge you to think about your audience and what they expect from you. I also urge you to refer back to your business purpose - what did you set out to do? These should take priority. Don't create barriers against sharing meaningful content. Just be tactful about how you do it.

5. Create a collaboration

female founders recording a podcast

In my mind (and experience!) striking up a collaboration is a FANTASTIC way to extend your business' reach, access and enter new markets, increase brand awareness, amplify your message and generate new leads.

What's great is that a collaboration can be as big or small as you like - project work, guest blogging, IG or FB live sessions, interviews, podcasts, competitions, events - the sky really is the limit.

Another big plus is that you can scale up, with another person onboard to help spread costs, resources, time and responsibilities.

So, I have a whole thing about collaboration. Allow me to guide to some of my other blogs that focus solely on collaboration as a business tool:

5 Benefits Of Collaborating In Your Business

4 Things To Consider When Collaborating With Another Business

How To: Incorporate Collaboration Into Your Business Plan

OR, if you're on Pinterest, check out & follow my collaboration board for inspiring quotes & tips

6. Check in & ask what they need

two hands passing a heart cut-out

At the end of the day, businesses aside, we are all human. If you're watching someone's IG Story and they're sharing a feeling or you just notice that something seems a little off, drop them a DM.

Ask them what they need - such a simple question that is rarely asked without a catch. The answer could be as simple as directing them to a resource or an introduction or even just an ear to listen.

Let's create a feeling of goodwill because small kindnesses really go a long way.

7. Read their blog and give feedback

female business owner giving feedback

We put in so much care to get it right when it comes to writing blogs - from research, to SEO, to imagery. And we do it to share knowledge and experience with people we want to help or just to give them a smile!

When I'm looking for a solution, I hit up Google straight away to read blogs or watch YouTube tutorials. Most of the time, that solves my problem! But have you ever thought about the person on the other end, who's content solved your problem? I bet that handy blog/vlog felt like hard work too when they sat down to plan it.

Let them know! Because why the hell not, they deserve it. Doesn't it feel wonderful to know your content has made someone's life a little bit easier?

8. Mention their name for an opportunity

female business owners laughing together

As your business grows, you might find clients asking for specific skills that are not in your remit.

I've created a bit of a rolladex of trusted referral contacts and never hold back from allowing those women the opportunity to accept those referrals or to collaborate on them. And more times than not, those women will return the favour.

Even simpler than that.... Next time you're flicking through Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and a friend has posted looking for recommendations, @ them. Easy as that.

9. Connect them with someone

group of women in business, around a table

One introduction can change everything.

And that's the beauty and power of community - opportunity is everywhere. You never know where a connection will lead you or how it might snowball.

If you're looking for a community full of like-minded women - please do join my Facebook Group. This is a safe space to connect, collaborate and share advice, guidance and inspiration.

10. Add your voice to the chorus

slogan t short - friends, mothers, daughters, visionaries, queens, rulers, women.

You don't need to protest on the street or post political, contentious posts to call out inequality when you see it happen.

Start by sharing relevant, fem-positive new stories to raise awareness. You don't know who is watching your social media, it could be a generation of daughters and what you talk about - and what you don't talk about - can have an impact.


If you're working your side-hustle whilst employed by an organisation, you can ask your management for training in gender bias. Knowledge is power and if workplaces include this into their curriculum then we can train people to identify discriminating behaviour. Why is this important? Because often, the biases can be totally unconscious and we need to be able to spot it so we can change it.

To wrap up...

Imagine if every female business owner took a moment out of her week to do a few of these things. Imagine the powerful relationships she'd make, the opportunities she'd create, the reputation she'd build and the positive karma she'd bank!

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