3 things I've learnt from my 3 years in business.

Updated: Jan 23

Sometimes we all have to take a step back and celebrate how far we have come and that's exactly what I have been doing over the past week or so, my business turned 3 recently and it has really made me reflect on my journey especially on the last year (hello unprecedented times!) so much came up from my reflection time and I thought I would share my 3 top learnings this:

1. I am enough ( and so are you babe!)

I often compare my business journey to my motherhood journey, the first couple of years you have to learn to trust yourself, the things you think are hard at the time in a few months time will be your everyday simple steps and most importantly, you have to learn that there is no rule book or guide that fits all, how you run your business (and parent your children) is entirely bespoke to you and you get a lot further ahead when you realise this and stop looking at what others are doing as a guide. You are your USP (Unique Selling Point), no one has your experience, journey, background and work style, that's what makes you valuable to your clients. Just being you is enough.

2. Collaboration is Queen

This isn't just a hashtag for me, it's the way I live my life and run my business. I see everything as a collaboration opportunity rather than something or someone to compete with. Around 80% of my work over the past 3 years has come via word of mouth marketing and quite frankly there is no better way of marketing! This is completely down to the wonderful network of epic women in business I have surrounded myself with, collaborated with and mutually supported. I love nothing more than connecting awesome people to each other and I am fortunate enough to have built a network who have the same feelings about connection, make time to build relationships and know you don't have to always show up as the salesperson. Your network is your net worth babe!

3. Internal validation is key

It's so easy to get into the trap of seeking external validation through comparison, work on being your own inspiration and seek validation internally, it make such a huge difference to your mindset and motivation. I do this through keeping a praise project, a digital folder on my laptop with all my good news (ie, screenshots of pitch agreements, testimonials, weekly wins...etc) anytime I feel I need a boost I turn to this instead of aimlessly scrolling seeking inspiration and it makes me feel so much better!

My journey in the last 3 years has been far from linear, it has been an absolute rollercoaster of ups and downs but I wouldn't have it any other way. One final thing I would love to share is that having your own business isn't easy, it's a journey of ebbs & flows but it's also epic & empowering so if you are considering starting your own business, do it, know it's going to be a rollercoaster but also know you won't be alone, you can build a fabulous network of people who can guide, advise and support you, they are out there babe!

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