3 things to expect in 2022 as a subscriber of my weekly newsletter

Updated: Jan 27

Along with some collective hopes for us all...

Hey babe,

I wanted to kick off the new year with a share of what you can expect as a subscriber of mine in 2022.

The reason being that I feel this has been inconsistent over the past year or so due to one thing or another, mostly the juggle but I realised upon reflecting at the end of 2021 that I have been holding myself back due to fear of judgement.

You see, I love writing but I've allowed the comment of one become a belief that I couldn't shake, until now...

I didn't make any grand statements to myself for 2022 or set any resolutions as such, instead I made a promise to myself to stop holding myself back for fear of judgement in every area of my life and business where this is the case, writing and my newsletter being one of them.

Consistency + Value

With that in mind I set some intentions for my weekly newsletter, the 2 words that came up for me were consistency + value.

That is my promise to myself and to you as a subscriber for 2022. I know you will be receiving many newsletters each week and how time consuming reading them all can be, I get it. I want to make sure that when my newsletter lands in your inbox on a Tuesday that you WANT to open it, so here is what you can expect from me this year:

1. Collaboration Creation

One of my collective hopes for everyone in general is that we stop competing and start collaborating more, to support this, I will be doing monthly community collaboration call outs for you via the newsletter. whether you are looking for your next guest expert, what someone to partner up with on a project or want to put a call out to be featured on podcasts, pop me an email at: chelsea@chelsea-cox.com with your request and I will feature it in the collaboration call out, this can be anonymous and I will simply include your area of expertise or I can link directly to you, the choice is yours. Let's make 2022 the most collaborative year yet!

2. Exclusive Resources + Workshops

I have created a dedicated content flow for you that includes free resources, workshops, challenges and competitions. All with the aim of supporting your journey in business development.

3. Tips, Thoughts & Advice

Finally, my content theme is going to be very focussed on business development and all that comes with that, strategy, planning, sales, marketing and ways to make money will all be featured along with tips, advice and guidance. If you are looking for more business basics, foundations and beginner content, you can find that through my new business, Feel Good Foundations.

I'd love to see you there!

How does that sound babe? I wanted to be upfront about the content theme moving forward along with what you can expect from me so you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to stay for the ride or not (and if you want to unsubscribe then please know there are no hard feelings!) .

Equally, if you are reading this on my blog and aren't yet a subscriber but like the sound of what's to come, you can subscribe here

Looking forward to connecting and collaborating with you all this year!

Chelsea x

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