3 Ways Collaboration Can Boost Your Career

Updated: Jan 23

So often in our careers we are made to feel that we have to compete rather than collaborate but actually taking a collaborative approach to your career could benefit you in the long term hugely, here are 3 ways you can consistently collaborate on a weekly basis:


Ok, so this might seem the most obvious thing in the world but what about committing to teamwork on a daily basis? Whether it's offering support to a colleague, introducing yourself to a colleague in a different department or asking them for coffee, word of mouth marketing of yourself is just as important as word of mouth marketing for a business, it opens doors, keeps you at the forefront of your peers minds for new opportunities and creates a larger network for you.

+ LinkedIn

Ensure you are showcasing your talents on Linkedin. Has a colleague or supplier achieved something great today? If so, hit them up with a Linkedin shout-out or recommendation.

Feel free to connect with me too!

+ Long standing relationships

Haven't spoke to a past client in a while? Or a supplier that no longer offers something you need right now? Check in with them, drop them a short email to see how they are getting on, keep yourself at the forefront of their minds, see if there is a new way of working together or simply check in for a chat to keep them part of your network.

To sum up

Collaboration across the board helped me immensely throughout my corporate career and a lot of those contacts have remained as clients, business buddies or trusted suppliers throughout my own business. I am glad I put as much effort into those relationships and collaborative approaches in that time and certainly continue to benefit from this now.

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