4 Things To Consider When Collaborating With Another Business

Updated: Jan 23

✨Collaboration✨My favourite word - if you were to look up 'collaboration' in the dictionary, you would probably find a photo of me like this next to it 😂

A big part of the brand consultancy side of my work is creating successful partnerships for my clients, whether that’s for an event, media partnership, launch partnerships or content creator work and it’s something I love to do, linking people with brands and connecting brands with people creates the all so important human connection piece so it makes complete sense that this skill is transferred over to the work I do with small businesses, business owners and service providers because collaboration IS Queen babe ✌️

Here are my top tips for collaboration:

1. Strategy ✨

Like every action we take for our businesses, don't just dive in blindly. Take some time first to plan and take a more considered approach. Thinking about which areas of your business would really benefit from a collaboration opportunity and why it is the right business tool for this particular objective. Doing this planning work first means that you can really make the most from the opportunity.

Read my other blog which goes into more detail on this - How To Incorporate Collaboration Into Your Business Plan.

2. Set The Intention & Purpose ✨

Make your collaborations intentional, give them purpose & a 'why'. Set yourself an objective for every piece of collaborative work you do, this could simply be to get a certain message across or to meet xx number of new people.Make sure you have a way of tracking these success markers so that you can make tweaks as you go and review what worked (and what didn't) for next time.

3. Research Their Values✨

Ensure you are aligning with each other’s values. ABSOLUTELY key.

When I’m pairing up potential content creators with brands or vice versa, I will look back on about 2/3 months of their content before putting them forward to ensure they are in alignment with brand/creator values. Have a similar approach to your own collaborations, you are introducing your community to this person/business, what will they post next week that your community will see?

4. Set Responsibilties & Accountability✨

Have clear responsibilities & guidelines in place, I’m a stickler for a partnership contract (check @lucy_legal out for this) but if it’s something like a shared Insta live, who is hosting? Who is sharing the IGTV? Who is creating the graphic for it? Who is promoting it?

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