8 steps to building feel good foundations for your business

Updated: Jan 23

A while back I found myself hitting a wall with my business, wanting to develop it and knowing how I wanted to do it but unable to create a plan for myself, something kept holding me back so I made myself revisit the fundamental foundations of my business and realised that I had evolved & so had my core business pillars, finding this approach worked for me, I created an 8 part group programme which I then tested through a pilot round a couple of months ago for 6 epic women in business, seeing the successes, clarity, confidence and structure they have gained as a result of this I have decided to make this 8 part programme, Feel Good Foundations, my signature service, whoop whoop!

The next round will be kicking of on the 20th of July and running for 8 weeks to prepare you over the summer for an epic run up to the end of 2021 and I would love to invite you to join me. Here are the 8 steps of Feel Good Foundations:

Step 1. Clarity

Getting really clear on the core pillars of your business, your purpose, ideal client/s and ensuring you are working in alignment with them is key so the first module will delve into these, see where your business has evolved and where perhaps things need strengthening.

Step 2. Business Basics

In module 2, we will be looking at everything internal within your business to ensure it is working well, systems & processes, budgeting, customer journey... are all your internal parts reflecting your externals parts?

Step 3. Commitment

Here we will be working on internal validation, confidence and creating your boundaries whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the natural ebbs & flows of business and your industry. We will also be looking at how to use reflection as a business tool, something I and my clients find to be super helpful when needing to make decisions and develop.

Step 4. Business Planning

I am a HUGE fan of the 90 day business plan, here we will be working together on creating your very own business plan framework, understanding the benefits of working in this way and using the 3 goal concept to map out your quarter whilst keeping success on your terms in mind.

Step 5. Soulful Selling

Selling is often the area that my clients need the most support on, we will be dedicating a whole week to this, looking at your confidence, revenue streams, sales journey and sales process to give you more clarity on the solution you provide and why your ideal client/s NEED you!

Step 6.Business Evolution

How do we develop our businesses? In this module we look at collaboration, networking, creating new opportunities, outreach and planning for growth to get you feeling more clear on your direction and business structure.

Step 7.Business Support

What areas do you need support in? We will be doing a lot of work around time management, accountability and the power of outsourcing (plus how to do this successfully on a budget!)

Step 8.Trust Points

Finally, we will be looking at further enhancing your confidence around why your clients NEED your service, this week will mostly be about ensuring you feel good and ready to smash the rest of 2021.

As well as all of this, there are a ton of perks available to you if you join the next round of Feel Good Foundations, you can find out more about them here and if this sounds like what you need you can book your space on the programme here.

Super excited to work with you babe and make some business magic! x

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