8 Week Programme Pilot - Feel Good Foundations

Updated: Jan 23

Do you have a business idea that you would LOVE to bring to life? Or a young business in need of some stronger foundations that align with your values & goals? Then look no further babe!

I have created an 8-week programme, Feel Good Foundations, designed with women in mind, to take you on a business journey through 8 key business modules. This is perfect for you if:

- You have a business idea you would love to bring to life immediately or in the future

- You have a young business (less than 2 years old) and you want to bring your business foundations into alignment, strengthen your business and look at business growth.

The key details

The pilot of this programme will run from the 20th April - 8th June and will include:

- x8 60-min live group sessions with Chelsea - Workbooks to complete during each session

- Personal follow-up after each session - Unlimited email access to Chelsea across the 8 weeks - Access to an optional private Facebook group - Complimentary access to the next live Feel Good Foundations group programme (RRP. £388)

What will we cover?

The 8 modules we will cover are:

1. Clarity - An intro to business planning - Solidifying your purpose - Strengthen your business idea or concept - Discover your USP's - Create your bespoke mission statement - Understand how your purpose feeds every other business part

2. Commitment - Maintaining and caring for your mindset

- Understanding business ebbs & flows - Staying committed through ebbs & flows

- Using reflection as a business tool - Creating time for reflection - Prompts for regular reflection

3. Business Basics - Business management - Business ethics - Business boundaries - Creating & sticking to your boundaries

- Business planning - Working on your bespoke business plan

- Using your business plan as a daily tool

4. Successful Strategy - Personal goal setting - Financial goal setting - Business goal setting - Strategy framework - Understanding the place of your strategy within your business

- An intro to using strategies - The benefits of strategy - Create your own unique strategy and use it as a business tool

5. Soulful Selling - An intro to soulful selling - Understanding the part selling plays within your business

- Finding your own unique sales style - The importance of a sales process - Selling confidence - Pricing on value

6. Business Evolution - Business development - Collaboration - Seeing collaboration as a business opportunity

- Planning for growth - Outreaching - The importance of networking - Using networking as a business tool

7. Outsourcing - The benefits of outsourcing - Areas of outsourcing - Outsourcing recommendations

- Creating an outsource roadmap

8. Trust Points - Becoming a trusted expert - The value of word of mouth marketing

- Business culture - Testimonials

The pilot of this programme is now fully booked. The live version will take place for 8 weeks from the 28th of June 2021. If you are interested in finding out, having a chat about whether this is a good fit for you or have any questions, please do book a call with me here.

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