How to: Use reflection as a business tool

Updated: Jan 23

The first instalment in my 3-part blog series: Reflect, Explore, Collaborate.

How much time do you dedicate to reflecting on your business?

I only started using reflection as a serious business tool about 18 months ago, it's something that had always slipped to the bottom of my to-do list previously, I just never saw it as a priority.

Always intent on looking to the future and not spending too much time analysing the past. But, since giving it the time is deserves, it has really changed the way I work, my goals and intentions. It allows me to get a deeper understanding of what success means to me, what my goals look like (financial, personal & business) and how I want to achieve them.

I do this weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly, I now map out time in my calendar to ensure I get this done and it has become a non negotiable for me.

Below you will find the prompts I use, I wanted to share these will you all in the hope they will benefit you in getting a better understanding of your goals, how you want to achieve them and help you celebrate your wins whilst taking your learnings forward.

Weekly prompts

- How did this week feel for me?

- Did the work I complete this week make me feel good?

- Do I feel well rewarded, financially, for my work?

- Did I make myself a priority enough this week?

- What learnings will I take from this week?

- What does success look like to me, next week?

Monthly prompts

- How did this month feel for me?

- Did I meet my goals this month?

- What were my top 3 wins of the month?

- Did I manage 'work time' and 'me time' well this month?

- What learnings can I take from this month?

- What does success look like for me next month?

Quarterly prompts

- How did this quarter feel for me?

- What were my top 3 wins of the quarter?

- Am I happy with the balance of my time?

- Who inspired me this quarter and why?

- What learnings can I take forward from this quarter?

- What do I want to achieve in the next quarter?

Yearly prompts

- How did this year feel for me in 3 words?

- What were my biggest wins of the year?

- What learnings can I take forward from this year?

- Did I meet my goals this year?

- What are my top goals for the next year?

- What words best describe what success would look like for me next year?


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