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Updated: May 13

I'm over the moon to be introducing you to my brand new group container - Divine Development. I am SUPER proud of this!

Over the past few months, I've compiled all my 15+ years of knowledge, expertise and experience in developing businesses, growth strategies and taking true business ownership and mixed it up with what I know you crave and need: structure, control, accountability, collaboration, community and voila!

I've created the ultimate immersive container that offers a combination of group collaboration, 1:1 bespoke support and accountability to take impactful and decisive action to develop your business.

Pretty exciting stuff, eh? Let's dive in babe and take a look at all the key information...

What is Divine Development?

An 8-week, online immersive and collaborative container for the business owner who...

  • Requires more control

  • Craves structured business growth

  • Aches for supported development for both their business and themselves

  • Needs a new way of doing things - I'll ensure accountability, community and invested bespoke guidance

This online programme is a combined offering of a group concept blended with 1:1 bespoke guidance, working alongside a cohort (max. 10 per group) of wonderful women in business on a journey similar to yours. And that business journey is that of business growth discovery, new found ownership skills and a want to create a business that works for them in every capacity.

Why did I create Divine Development?

Through my years of working with business owners on their business growth, development and strategies, I have formed a deep understanding of your true cravings as a business owner... The want to grow your business in a structured way that gives you more control, space and the ability to plan in advance, a need to understand what success truly looks like for you away from the noise and narratives as well as a bespoke path to get you there.

It was here where I started to form the plan for Divine Development to meet you where you're at and take you through the 8 curated modules in a blended way, mixing collaboration with my invested 1:1 bespoke approach. Some months on and here she is, ready for you to jump in and start a new chapter in your business.

The aim - gain control of your business growth and business development

For you to feel more in control of your business growth and development through bespoke structure, success definition and ownership tools, whilst feeling fully supported to make moves, discover new opportunities and create a new chapter in your business, one that feels in alignment with you, the business owner.

Female business owners - who is it for?

This IS for you if you're this business owner...

  • You are ready to take complete responsibility for your business

  • You have space and capacity to put the work in

  • You are happy to be transparent and collaborative

This IS NOT for you if you're this business owner...

  • You are looking for a blueprint to develop your business

  • You want a quick fix for business growth

  • You don't feel ready to share your wants, needs and fears

The Divine Development Modules

There are 8 working modules in this container. We'll cover the format of each module next, but first here are the 8 modules we will be working through across the 8 weeks.

1. Refreshing Reviews

Together we will peel your business back to it's foundational cogs and review the 5 key business areas to highlight gaps and needs. This gives us the basis to move forward and build stronger than ever.

2. Radical Responsibility

A total focus on you, the business owner. Stripping your inner business narratives back, rethinking the focus, supporting the development of habits that develop your business ownership through tried-and-tested tools and techniques.

3. Structured Success

What is success to you and your business? How do we define it? The commencement of a more developed and structured focus with better direction and more clarity on your vision.

4. Soulful Selling

This isn't just sales, this is revenue stream development. The opportunity to create a sales strategy that feels good and work on your own vocalisation of your offerings, pricing and customer journey.

5. Meaningful Metrics

The most untapped asset in your business is data. How do we analyse it, take ownership of it, learn from it and build a stronger business through it?

6. Powerful Planning

How do we take everything we now know and make a plan? A plan that will allow us growth and space at the same time. A plan one that is entirely bespoke to your needs as a business owner, your success markers and the functionalities of your business. A plan that highlights your path along with your potential.

7. Business Building

We have a plan, where do we go from here? This module is a mix of development for both you and your business - think outsourcing, delegating, leadership and boundaries.

8. Varied Visibility

A deep dive into the diverse visibility options available to you and what they look like for your business. A focus on positioning yourself as a business owner over a content creator - how does this look for you? How do we work in collaboration? How do we outreach for opportunities?

The format

The container is 8 weeks long and is run totally online. Here's rundown of how it will work:

Initial 1-2-1 call with me, a business consultant

Each cohort member will have an initial 1:1 call with me to run through their business, industry knowledge, individual needs and desired outcome.

Meet + Greet with your cohort ladies

This will be followed up with a meet + greet for the entire cohort - an opportunity for each cohort member to introduce themselves and their business to the group.

8 weekly sessions

Each week, we will come together online as a group. Here is what each session will look like:

  • 1x subject session led by me!

  • 1x weekly guest session

  • 1x Q+A and Co-Working session

1-2-1 support call to complete

At the end of the container, each cohort member will receive a final 1:1 call with me to cover completion.

FAQs - Things you need-to-know

Start and end dates

The Divine Development June container will start week commencing 6th June 2022 and run until week commencing 21st July 2022.

How much does it cost?

The cost for a cohort space is that of £1,350 all inclusive. A 3-part payment plan of £450 x3 is also available.

How many women are in each cohort?

There are a maximum of 10 spaces available for the June cohort. This is to ensure deliverability of content, collaboration between members and a high experience standard throughout. A smaller, more intimate group ensures each member has a voice and is heard. It also makes for a safe, comfortable environment to make life-long business buddies.

Where is it hosted?

Divine Development will be hosted on a private online community platform within which everything will be hosted, recorded and available to you for a total of 6 months to allow revisiting when you need it. You can check it out when you sign up to access the first module for free - do this here.

Unlimited support from a business consultant with 15+ industry experience

You will have unlimited email access to me throughout the container to further support, develop and guide you personally. I have over 15 years of experience in business development, sales & strategy and I want to share this with you! So think of me as your personal business mentor for 8 weeks.

Next steps

If you are loving what you've learnt about Divine Development and are keen to confirm your space on the June 2022 cohort, drop me an email here chelsea@chelsea-cox.com and we will get you on-boarded.

If you have any questions or require any further information on Divine Development, please feel free to drop them over to me via email also.

Thanks for taking the time to discover this, the creation of which has been an absolute pleasure and something I am immensely proud of, I do hope you will join me on this journey!

Download the Divine Development brochure

Divine Development Brochure
Download PDF • 5.36MB

Divine Development is created + owned by Chelsea Cox Ltd

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