Do I need business boundaries?

Updated: Jan 23

If you are asking yourself this then I can almost guarantee that the answer is yes you do babe! They aren't going to solve ALL your business struggles but they certainly help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control in my experience.

What are business boundaries?

They are essentially your non-negotiables, the things you set up your business for beyond the financial gain, this can be working a certain amount of hours a week for some or the type of client you want to work with for others.

What are the benefits of establishing my business boundaries?

  • A deeper understanding of your commitments to yourself, your business and your abilities.

  • More business satisfaction

  • Better communication with clients

  • Less overwhelm (if you are sticking to them)

How do I know what my business boundaries are?

These are completely bespoke to you, your business, your work style and your life, here are 3 prompts to help you figure these out for yourself:

  1. What does my ideal work day look like?

  2. What are my priorities in my life?

  3. What am I doing right now that doesn't feel good in my business?

How do I implement them into my day to day work?

Once you have been through these prompts and gained a deeper understanding of what is important to you within your business beyond the financial gain, you can start looking at implementing these into your day to day work. Working on the things that don't feel good within your business right now is key, ensuring that you are putting your priorities first and gaining more control of your business day to day will really be supported by establishing your non-negotiables.

What are my next steps?

Book on to my masterclass babe! Taking place on Thursday the 27th of May at 12pm we will be diving into this together, going through the 3 key steps to establishing your business boundaries and how to work with them, you can book your masterclass space here. You will also receive a follow up workbook to continue this work in your own time.

See you there!

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