Does selling make you feel icky? If so, read this!

Updated: Jan 23

Sales is always the area that comes up as the hardest for my clients, I hear "I can't sell" almost daily from my clients and it's simply not true. Take it from someone who has over 15 years experience in commercial management, sales training and selling strategies, you can sell, you just need 3 key things which I am going to outline for you here:

  1. Believe in the solution you provide

So this is the first step I go through with clients who come to me with this issue, where are they stuck? Is it the offering, pricing, or are they unsure of the problem they solve? Generally we will uncover that there is a need for a re-alignment with their core business foundations, purpose, ideal clients or packages, an adjustment of pricing & packages and a need to visibly outline what they problems are that they solve for their clients. This then helps them really sell with purpose, have a deeper understanding of why they and their offerings are needed in the world and a better feeling towards their revenue streams. As I always say, your business SHOULD make money (that's the only SHOULD I will ever give you) but it's important to establish why we do what we do beyond the financial gain in order to ensure the financial gain, make sense?

2. Have an approach that is bespoke to you

Once we have been through the first steps, we then go through the sales approach to see what feels icky to them, a lot of the time this part is an unlearning process of sales tactics they have been taught previously that simply do not align with them as solution led business owners, so we look at their sales style, their clients sales experience and how to create a want for their offerings in a way that feels good. Ultimately, if your ideal client has the problem you solve, why wouldn't they want your offering? What would stop them? What do we do to make it as easy as possible for them to work with you?

3. Create a sales process that makes you feel good & in control

This is where the sales process comes in, we want your clients experience with you to be a positive one from the get go so how do we make the sales process as streamlined, easy and engaging as possible, in this part we look at systems & processes and how to strengthen your business combined.

These 3 steps combined generally create a feeling of control on the sales element of my clients business which in turn breeds confidence and we all know what happens when we are showing up feeling in control & confident babe!

In a few weeks I am going to be doing the pilot round of my new 4 week programme, Soulful Selling, I'm looking for 10 babes to join me on this journey. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please do drop me an email ( to get first refusal on those spaces.

If that doesn't sound like a bit of you but you want to talk about how I can support you with your selling, you can book a free 20 minute call here babe

Chelsea x

Rave reviews from a previous sales course curated by Chelsea:

Chelsea’s Sales Course is perfect for anyone who is flummoxed by sales. It’s the one part of my business I don’t enjoy but Chelsea has changed that! I love the way Chelsea demystifies the sales process and helps you put it in the context of your own business and needs. I feel a lot more confident about selling, sales outreach and so much more, thank you Chelsea!”

Sonal Ambasna - Nutritionist

"I used to dread sales and believed that I just wasn’t ‘a sales person’, however as a business owner knew that I needed to find a way to embrace it. I signed up to Chelsea’s sales course after doing one of her workshops, and felt drawn to her female focussed approach to sales which was a new and refreshing perspective for me. Since taking part in Chelsea’s Sales course I’ve come away with a whole new perspective of sales, and now understand I’m so grateful to Chelsea for her amazing insight, and would highly recommend the course!"

Lucy Bond - Founder of Well Global

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