Easy ways you can collaborate on your business

Updated: Jan 23

Let's start by understanding the key benefits of collaboration and using this as a business tool for growth, development and awareness.

The Benefits

1. Awareness & visibility of your business to a new relevant audience

2. Increasing your trusted network of fellow business owners

3. Supporting another business owner

Types Of Collaboration

You don't have to be a big brand to create collaboration, collaboration opportunities are a fantastic way for small businesses to raise awareness, visibility and grow their businesses. There are endless ways you could collaborate, here's a few suggestions for you to consider:

- Creating a series of social media lives, inviting your network in as guests

- Collaborating on a shared relevant resource that could be shared throughout your audience and that of the collaborator

- Blog swaps

- Creating a shared group programme that pulls on both of your key skills

- Producing a bespoke co-branded product

5 tips for successful business collaboration

  1. Create a vision (what do you want this collaboration to do, who do you want it to speak to and what is the message?)

  2. Start with a responsibility draft (What would be your expectations from the other business, what are their expectations of you during this collaboration?)

  3. Understand the strengths each party brings (What can you learn from each? What can they share with your community?)

  4. Define what successful collaboration looks like for each party (What are you hoping to achieve from this collaboration and what is your collaborator hoping to achieve)

  5. Enjoy it! Have fun with it, try out different audiences, test your message in different industries, collaboration is a great way of testing or researching new communities & audiences.

Have a collaboration idea in mind but aren't sure how to go about it? You can book an Exploration Hour with me here babe.

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