Here's why 'trusting the process' will only get your so far babe

Updated: Jan 23

I am a believer in trusting the process, sometimes you do just had to let the universe do it's thing but something I don't believe in is luck in business, yes there can be privileged grass roots, but ultimately you have to accept that you make your own luck in business, it's not going to just happen and it certainly won't happen overnight (there is no such thing as overnight success, it simply doesn't exist) so yes trust in the process but also...

Know your purpose

Have a deep rooted understanding of why you do what you do beyond the financial gain, as I always say the financial gain is a given, your business SHOULD be making money (the only should I will ever give you babe!) but why did you create your business and offerings beyond that?

Understand the solution you provide

What problem do you solve for your ideal clients? I find this such a good question to ask my clients and it really helps them hone in on exactly what they offer and who they help with that offering.

Create smart systems and processes

We don't speak about systems and processes enough, it is a complete necessity in every business to have systems and processes that work for you and most importantly for your clients, are there gaps in your processes? Is there a new system that would work better for you & your business? Take some time to really stress test every process within your business.

Set goals

Really understand what success looks like for you, what does it look like and feel like for you? Always keep that in mind when planning your goals. I always recommend having 3 key goals at any one time, 1 financial, 1 business and 1 personal.

Have a plan

It can be as loose or as tight as you would like it to be but having a plan and strategy in place will really help you feel more in control of the direction and structure of your business

Build your network

I can't tell you how important it is to have a solid network both for your own support but also to fill your own skill gaps, plan weekly time into your diary to dedicate to your network (checking in on them) or networking (creating new relationships) don't always feel that you have to show up as the salesperson, be the expert instead

Celebrate your wins

Quite simply, no one is going to do it for you, that's the truth, you have to take & celebrate the wins both small and big, you have to do it to remind yourself why you are doing this.


Know that you will HAVE to outsource at some point in your business and that is ok, in fact it's more than ok, there is power in inviting new brains into your business, trust me, it will be the best thing you ever do.

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