Hobbies that help you grow

Updated: Jan 23

Hobbies are usually something you see referred to as a way to pass time, beat boredom and crack the mundane but I would like to see them referred to more as a way of developing and exploring ourselves. During a recent chat with a friend I discovered how much my hobbies have actually helped me not only develop myself as a person and a mother but has also helped me become the business woman I am today.

Plus, you never know what you're capable of until you try something!

The benefits of having a hobby

- Stress relief

- Encourages you to take a break and have a life outside work

- New challenges and learning

- Explore new talents

- Could provide additional income

- Promotes mindfulness

Skills I learnt through my hobbies


I LOVE poker, I don't proclaim to be great at it but it's definitely taught me how to read people.


This is probably the most obvious one but something I really want to put out there is that you don't JUST have to read self help books if you have or aspire to have your own business, I read on average, one book a week and they range from thrillers to 'chick lit', autobiographies to self-help books.

Role Play

Before we start getting any kinky ideas babe.. I loved drama classes when I was younger and have found that those classes have really helped me in adulthood with public speaking and having the confidence to use my voice. My tip for this is to step into a character, hellloooo Sasha Fierce!


Dancing and music is my thang. When I'm stressed ,I dance it out. If I'm down, I dance it out. If I want to move my body in a joyful way, I dance.

Something I'm really keen to explore is calligraphy as I feel it would be very mindful, here are some other hobbies I found that look really interesting:

- Origami

- Embroidery

- Painting

- Playing an instrument

I would love to hear how a personal hobby has helped you in your career or business!

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