How To: Create Your 2022 Vision Board

Need an activity to brighten up a dreary weekend babe? Imagine seeing all your dreams and ambitions come together in one place and providing a vivid, daily reminder of what you're aiming for... Say, have you ever tried making a vision board?

What is a Vision Board?

A snippet of my 2022 vision board

Vision boards are nothing new. They're powerful, visual devices that have really stood the test of time. You've probably heard them called by a number of other names; mood boards, dream boards, inspiration boards, concept boards etc.

At their very essence, the purpose they serve is to bring together, in one place, ideas that showcase your dreams, desires, ambitions and provide a source of inspiration.

These ideas are exhibited by creating a collage using different media; images, quotes, affirmations, textiles and any other embellishments that feel right to you.

In fact, so handy are they as a tool, they're used widely in business to...

  • Communicate ideas

  • Pitch an idea or campaign

  • Showcase a theme and direction

  • Explore a 'look and feel'

  • Quickly summarise a project

  • Get everyone on the same page

And across many industries...

  • Design & Styling

  • Home / Interior

  • Project Management

  • Branding

  • Fashion

  • Lifestyle

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Campaign Planning

  • Events & Weddings

  • Website Development

10 Benefits of Creating Your Vision Board

I''ve just listed a few examples of how and why vision boards are used in a business environment. But what are the benefits of creating your own, just for you?

  1. Tap into your goals in creative way

  2. A fun and risk-free activity that takes the formality out of goal-planning - taking away pressure and stress

  3. Makes you stop and think about your goals and then passionately connect with them

  4. Give yourself clarity, direction and focus

  5. If you love a spreadsheet, think of this activity as a bit of a workout for the mind - getting you to think differently than you normally would

  6. Gets you excited - when you can see, literally, all your dreams and potential in one place

  7. A source of motivation and inspiration that belongs solely to you

  8. Kick starts your determination

  9. An exploration of self - putting a spotlight on what truly matters to you

  10. Set intentions for the year and manifest - it's all about the law of attraction babe...

4 Things That Will Give Your Vision Board Purpose

Creating the board is the definitely the fun part and we'll come to that a bit further on in this blog. Right now though I need you to put the lid back on your gluestick for a moment. Before we jump ahead, I'd like to quickly tap in to a teensy bit of pre-planning to ensure that your board really packs a punch.

If left to my own imagination, my vision board might include super-yachts, spaceships and other pretty superficial things when really what we want from this exercise is a vision that we know how to achieve (the spaceships come later!).

Have a little brainstorm first and jot down some core things that come to your mind when you think about where you'd like to be by the end of of 2022. Here's 4 things to think about:


What does success look like in each area of your life for 2022?


What are your specific financial, personal and business goals?


What actions will help you achieve those goals?


Gather images and quotes that represent your success, goals and actions.

Need Inspiration? Here's What You Could Include On Your Vision Board

Here's a few ideas to help you get started but don't limit yourself to these! Remember, whatever you put on your board, you need to emotionally connect with.


Where's somewhere you always wanted to visit? Even if it's not on the schedule for 2022 but you want to save up so that it's possible in 2023, add it in.

Self-expression & Style

Is there's a risqué hairstyle you're dying to try out? Or a fashion trend you're leaning towards? Are you saving up for a tattoo? Maybe you just want to explore your own personal style.


Are you taking the best care of yourself? Swap damaging habits for healthy ones, provide better nourishment for your body, increase your exercise, monitor your sleep patterns, take steps to understand what's going on with you (hormones, stress etc.) . Whatever you need to keep your body and mind in tip-top condition because, I don't need to tell you, without your health nothing else really matters.

Business / Career

Are you doing what you love? If not, what do you love? What's your end goal - are you on-track to get there? Are you thinking of branching out on your own? How can you do that? What are career milestones that matter to you - flexible working, promotion, side-hustle?

When we work 5 days out of 7, it's impossible to not give this some thought. They say that when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. I mean, not quite the full picture (I still hate tax returns) but you get the gist.


There's never enough time is there? There's tons of things I'd love to learn and I'm as guilty as the next person for dropping them to bottom of my list of priorities. But life is never going to stop being busy, so why not plan ahead and make 2022 the year you actually invest the time in that passion project or new skill (languages, musical instrument, macrame, sports, volunteer work - the list is infinite).

Aside from stress relief and mindfulness, it gives you the chance to explore new talents and challenge yourself. Who knows, it could even lead to opportunities for additional income.


Kinda the same as above but a little different in the sense that there's a time limit on the challenge, a one-off ya'know?

Some examples of challenges:

  • A physical challenge - a 5km or 10km run, Tough Mudder, 3-Peaks etc.

  • Hosting an event to raise money for charity

  • Read a book every week for a month

  • Conquer a fear (bungee jump, skydive, scuba dive etc.)

  • Dry January or Veganuary - I'm not endorsing those as it's a matter of self-choice but you get what I mean babe 😉


We need to get more comfortable talking about money. It always seems to be the thought we push aside for later but also the thought that keeps us awake at night. Financial stress has a profound affect on our mental health.

Whatever the goal is - save money, clear a debt, build good credit, put retirement plans in place, make investments etc. - map it out, step-by-step, how you will get there or the steps you need to take to get the ball rolling (if its longer-term) and be realistic about it. Feeling in control of a money situation, goes a long way to alleviate the pressure.


Your home should be a safe space where you can unplug, relax and create happy memories. How can you make it feel that way? Maybe through decor or a home-improvement project or maybe through having more friends and family round to create those golden memories.


As a mother, I hear you when you're struggling with some unfounded guilt or juggling the daily grind alongside getting in quality time with the kids or your significant other. Ours is a world where there is no longer a 'normal' family set-up so the 'needs + wants' vary from family to family. Only you know what you hopes and dreams are for your family.

How Can I Showcase My Vision?

When it comes to actually putting it together, you can be as creative as you like - yours might be 3D and extravagant or it may be simple and minimalist. It only needs to speak to you because it's your vision. Let go of any need to make it organised or fit for public consumption. This is a personal exercise - don't forget that.

Here's a few places you can keep your board so it's always accessible to you:

1. IRL (in real life)

  • An actual board

The 3 G's - Grab, Get, Gather.

Step 1 - Grab a sheet of A3 paper or go out a purchase a physical board. Poster board, cork board, even a scrap piece of chipboard will do.

Step 2 - Get your hands on some scissors and funky pins, patterned cellotape or that cool, pink gluestick from Prittstick.

Step 3 - Gather magazines, a printer and any fab embellishments that showcase 'your brand' i.e. your personality.

  • Scrapbook

The same principles as above, just a slightly different concept. Rather than creating a large 'showpiece', keep it more low-key by putting your masterpiece down in a scrapbook. This is also a precious keepsake that you can look back at when you're chilling in your spaceship 🤭

Tip! Keep them in a place you can see them - on your nightstand, in your workspace, on your fridge. If it's in your line of sight

2. Keep it digital

If you don't fancy having your board on display (or have nowhere to put it) and would rather keep it digital, here's a few ways that work:

  • Powerpoint

Never underestimate the power (teehee) of a Powerpoint! Create a slide for each area you want to include and go crazy with the words, the copy and paste - hell, stick a gradient background and kick it 90s/00s style!

  • Folder

You don't actually need to make your vision board into a traditional collage. It's a bit of a time saver this way too. Simply create a folder, call it "My 2022 Vision" and drag and drop whatever the hell you like into it. Images as you find them, articles that resonate, music that inspires you. Like I've said, this tool is to inspire.

  • Pinterest

The sweet spot where search engines meet social media. Filled to the brim with inspiration, you can easily lose yourself in boards and boards of carefully curated images of almost, well, anything. Create your own board (you can make this public or private) and get Pinning!

Where should you start if you're looking for business inspiration? I just so happen to know of a Pinterest account that may help you out 🤭 If you wanna be Pin Pals - let's do it. Here's my account.

  • Canva

If you are already using Canva, a nifty little design tool for us 'non-design' folk - this is an ideal spot to create your collage of dreams. If you want to know more about Canva, check out my blog '7 Business Tools To Make Life Easier' to learn more.

.A benefit of a digital vision board is that you get to edit it as often and as easily as you like.

Tip! Keep it (or shortcuts to) on your desktop so you can access it super quick whenever you need a reminder or just need some inspiration.

Next Steps... Let's Turn That Vision Into A Reality

If you've just made your 2022 vision board, I bet you're feeling pumped and ready to go! As with most things in life, you get out what you put in.

I help women transform an idea into a tangible, action plan or help them take their business to the next level. My approach is bespoke and cuts through the noise to give my clients clarity and confidence through clear and concise strategy and approach.

If your vision board has given you a new lease of life but you're unsure how to give it legs - let's chat babe. Stick the kettle on and book yourself in for a free, non-obligation chat with me. We can see what opportunities lay on our horizon and, if nothing else, isn't it nice to just connect with another female business owner, who gets the journey you're on? Nothing to lose babe <3

Book a Cuppa & Chat (free 20-minute introductory call) here.

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