How To Incorporate Collaboration Into Your Business Plan

Updated: Jan 23

I have a question - when you're planning your business goals, actions, objectives and just general direction, do you think about collaborating with other business owners and/or brands?

Maybe you've done it and you KNOW it works - you go babe, I'd love to hear about it!

Maybe you've thought about it but have no idea where to start - no worries babe, read on!

Maybe it has never even crossed your mind... Well read on, and I'll tell you why you should give it some thought!

What can collaboration do for my business?

✨ Open up doors to new opportunities

✨ Reaching new audiences

✨ Increase brand awareness

✨ Creating a unique offering for your clients

✨ Generating new leads

✨ Knowledge-sharing

✨ Increase market share

✨ Demonstrate your authority in your field

✨ Build your professional network

✨ Attracting new hits to your social, website, newsletter data

So with all those benefits in min, when you're next in planning mode, I have a cheeky collab challenge for you and that is to plan with collaboration in mind at every step. Whether it’s to create awareness, create or launch a new offering, realign with your purpose or attract new clients, think of collaboration as the ultimate business tool 👯‍♀️⁠

Key points to consider for collab-planning

✨ How can collaboration help develop an area of your business that you struggle with? ⁠

✨How can collaboration help you research the viability of a potential new offering? ⁠

✨How can collaboration support the launch of a new offering? ⁠

✨How can you get support from other women in business to achieve your goals whilst supporting them in achieving theirs? ⁠

✨How can collaboration stop you focussing on comparison & competition and shift to community & connections? ⁠

✨How can collaboration form part of your marketing campaign? ⁠

✨How can collaboration bring in new opportunities for you? ⁠

✨How can you broaden your network through collaboration? ⁠

What should I think about when seeking a collaboration?

Read my other blog - 4 Things To Consider When Collaborating With Another Business - for more information on this.⁠

Let’s make the year ahead a hub of collaboration & community 🙌🎉⁠

Want to create meaningful collaborations to support your 2021 or 2022 goals? Book a FREE 20-min discovery call with me and let’s chat babe ✌️

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