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Updated: Jan 23

Committing yourself to any programme is a big deal – you’re devoting your time and money to it. So, firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you for choosing my programme: Feel Good Foundations.

I’m so glad you’re here babe.

From the moment you sign up right through to our follow-up sessions after the programme has finished, it is SO important to me that you get as much from this journey together as you absolutely can. And I want you to take full advantage of all the perks that are available to you as part of your package.

Here are my tips for making the absolute MOST of the 8 weeks.

8x 60-minute live group sessions with Chelsea via Zoom

I mean it when I say each 60-minute session is jam-packed FULL of essential information that will help to take your business to the next level or give your business idea life.

Most importantly, I won't be talking at you for an hour. These sessions are interactive, it will be a fun, real-time, multi-way conversation to go through the weekly topic with a fine-tooth comb and apply it to your individual situation.

If you need a reminder of the topics we’ll be covering each week, refer to your welcome pack

(I sent this to you when you joined) or check them out here.

Bonus material - 4x pre-recorded videos with guest experts

On top of the 8 modules, I’ll also be sending you BONUS content from 4 amazing business women. These will be yours to watch, as often as you like, in your own time – so you can take it at your own pace!

These awesome ladies are experts in their respective fields and will be covering topics in areas that are also crucial for your business - such as legal, marketing, systems & processes and business integrity.

Some additional support for you, to get your business and/or business idea in AMAZING shape.

(pssst. – separate from Feel Good Foundations, each of these guests will be featuring blogs in my upcoming newsletters so if you’re not yet subscribed, you can do this here.)

Initial networking session for the whole group

It's no secret that networking is an uber-effective business tool. This initial session (also online), taking place on the 16th July, is a valuable platform to meet the other like-minded women in the programme, create a synergy between you all and build a network of connections and new friends.

It will be super informal and chilled and I'll be right there to lead the conversation.

To really make the most of this session, here are my top 5 tips for online networking:

  1. Pitch perfect - Well, no-one cares if your pitch is not perfect, just think what the key things are that you want people to know about you and your business beforehand so you can get them across on the day

  2. Think of 3 questions to ask - If you're not a natural schmoozer, you can cheat by preparing a few questions in advance and ask the things you're really interested in knowing

  3. Listen and be open-minded - I always keep a pen & paper handy so I can really take in what other group members are about, what their journey has been up until this point and where they're at now

  4. Be prepared to make referrals - You know me babe, I'm a real advocate for collaboration. Collaboration is queen, like I always say. And if you know someone who can help, share that information and others will do the same in return

  5. Follow-up and keep in contact - Keep in touch and you'll be surprised how many opportunities can arise further down the line

Workbook and resources sent to you after each session

I recommend that you do try to make the live sessions – to really get the most out of the session by being an active voice in the conversation, plus making it a non-movable in your calendar means you're committing to working on your business. BUT sometimes you just can't - as a mother and business owner, I get that.

After each live session, I will send you the replay so you can catch up on anything you might have missed or might want to refer back to later. This means whilst your in the session you can really focus on the conversation.

Plus, I have created a detailed workbook for each and every module. Packed with insights and tasks for you to work through when it suits you.

You didn't think you'd be getting away with no homework, right?

Unlimited email access to Chelsea across the full 8-weeks

Now this is a goodie! We all know what it's like when you've got a burning business question but employing a consultant for a single query could seem like overkill and be costly. Well, I'm giving you unlimited email access to me across the entirety of the programme so you can ask as many questions as your heart desires.

I want you to squeeze every ounce of knowledge from me and pick my brains until they are about to fall apart. I have 15 years of experience in business & commercial management, development & strategy and I want to share this with you!

Exclusive access to a private Facebook group

If you’re keen to keep the conversation going outside of hours (and I fully encourage it!), you're invited to join a private Facebook group with other programme participants.

You're not required to join but it's great place to get to know the other ladies on the same journey as you, ask questions, share experiences, provide and receive support and keep nurturing those friendships. It's so important that you know you're never alone on your business journey.

Follow-up group session via Zoom 2 weeks after the programme finishes for follow-up questions & check in

One of the unique things about my programme is that I won’t vanish after we've finished!

Once you've completed Feel Good Foundations, you'll be taking everything you've learned and putting it into practice. You might still feel like you need a little more support, so we'll have a final group session, two weeks after the programme has ended, to check-in and see how things are going. This is an additional opportunity for you to ask further questions and feel confident that you are firmly on track and have everything you need to blossom.

If you've not yet booked your space on Feel Good Foundations, there's still time! We kick off on 20th July 2021. Find out more about the programme here or book a quick chat with me here and I can tell you everything you need to know.

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