How To: Monthly Business Review (Like A Pro)

Updated: Jan 23

Monthly. Business. Review. Gah, sounds like a load of admin doesn't it? It's not, I promise!! I actually find this a really encouraging, uplifting and positive exercise. For me, after my monthly review, I feel in control, empowered and usually pleasantly surprised at the progress I've made. Even if I don't see the results I'd hoped for, just knowing that I've got an action plan in place really eases the stress.

"How long is this going to take??" I hear you deflating. Let's start with scheduling in just one hour at the end of each month and go from there. Make this a non-movable, recurring event in your calendar. Trust me and stick with it babe, because soon you'll see that this hour is invaluable.

If it helps you to 'get it done', just jot down one word/sentence answers to start with and aim to build from there. The most important thing is that you actually do it. But I have a sneaking suspicion that, once you put pen to paper, you'll be surprised at how much you have to say.

I've split this into 5 key areas:

  • Money talks

  • Processes

  • Development

  • Checking in with YOU

  • The month ahead

These are just prompts. Which means this is NOT a granular list outlining every little business aspect you need to inspect. Think of this as an overview exercise, giving you thinking points so that you can lay the foundations to create the healthy habit of reviewing your business regularly.

Tip! Make sure you have your business plan to hand so you can refer back to it. If you don't yet have one of these, check out the helpful resources at the end of the blog to point you in the right direction.

Tea and notebook
Grab a cuppa and let's get stuck in!

Money talks

Let's start with the numbers...

  • Did the numbers work this month? Are all of your offerings viable at this point?

  • Do you feel well rewarded financially for your time/offerings?

  • Which products and services performed the best?

  • Did you set KPIs, targets and projections? How did you do?


  • Are your processes working for you?

  • Have you noticed any gaps that need filling? Where do you need to save time?

  • Are all of your legal requirements, T&Cs, contracts, policies etc. up to date?


  • 3 wins of the month?

  • 3 learnings of the month?

  • Did you stay true to your brand values?

  • Do your clients still align with your values?

  • Who inspired you this month and why?

  • Reflect - how did this month's review compare to last month?

Checking in with you

Because, quite frankly, if YOU'RE not feeling it - your business is going to suffer as a result.

  • Have celebrated your wins this month? How?

  • How are you using your downtime?

  • Does what you're doing feel successful to you?

  • Did you manage the 'work time' vs. 'me time' balance well? Why?

The month ahead

  • How can you apply those learnings?

  • How can you do more of the activity worked?

  • Do you need to outsource anything?

  • At a glance, how do you feel about next month?

  • What does success look like to you next month?

Helpful Resources

Quarterly Business Planning Checklist

I created a short workbook with a nifty little checklist to assist your planning - ensuring you stay on track and don't miss a thing.

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Every workshop is free to join but if you find that you can't make it on the day, I do send a recording out after each workshop (if you're signed up to it) so you can catch up in your own time. No harm, eh?

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