Is Self-Employment For You?

Updated: Jan 23

Let's get one thing straight.... Having your own business is really f**king hard.

And ANYONE who tells you otherwise is either not being truthful or running their business as a hobby, truth 💣

… and I hate to tell ya babe but it doesn’t get easier. YOU adapt and become more experienced and adept in handling sh*t, dealing with the ebbs & flows, regrouping, prioritising, outsourcing & trusting the process, this is where the term 'ease' comes into it (hear me out!)

Ease vs. Easy - What the difference?

There’s a huge difference between something being done with ease and something that’s easy to do. Doing something with ease takes experience, honed skills, compounded habits and a deep knowledge of your business & industry. Something that’s easy to do is simply that, suggestive that anyone can do it regardless of experience & knowledge.

So whilst business owners might make certain elements of their business appear to flow with ease, it by no means makes it easy, that area of business whether it be them showing up with ease consistently on social, attracting clients with ease, having a fabulous flowing customer journey, delivering an exceptional experience or being strong in their boundaries, it will have taken years to perfect, trust me, it’s always the case. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Go for it!

Now, I'm not trying to put you off - no siree. Quite the opposite, I want your business to thrive and bring you joy! In order for that to happen, you do need to have a good idea of what you're getting in to so you can make sensible provisions and precautions.

Thinking of starting your own business?

Best advice for someone looking to start their own business? Be sure that self-employment is for you, do a pros & cons list, know that it will be a rollercoaster but if it turns out to be for you, also know that it’s a hell of a ride ✌️

Here's 3 things you really need to think about...

1. You need to get comfortable with the unknown, turbulence and knowing your weaknesses, having your own business is like holding up a mirror to your vulnerabilities every single day.

2. You are responsible for EVERYTHING, including looking after yourself. No-one else is going to plan time off for you or pay your wage when you are sick.

3. You need purpose beyond the financial gain, have the money goals, work towards them, the financial gain of a business should be a given but beyond that why do you want to do this? What’s going to make you leap out of bed every morning when you don’t have to be in work for a certain time? What’s going to motivate you? How are you going to hold yourself accountable to make this work?

Ready to start your business babe? Starting a business can be really daunting, I've helped tons of people just like you start businesses successfully and I want to support you through this process with as much guidance, advice and tools as possible.

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