Make your purpose your paycheck

Updated: Apr 27

There is no better feeling than working for a purpose beyond financial gain. Now, don't get me wrong babe, knowing your worth, pricing on that worth and being profitable is a whole separate thing. In my opinion, this should be a given so we are going to talk about purpose beyond that given financial gain.

Why get out of bed?

What makes me get out of bed every morning to work beyond money? Quite simply, it's to help people, women with a business or a business idea specifically, I want all women to feel clarity, control and confidence in their business, give them the spark to develop & grow their business and clear & concise strategy framework and roadmaps. I love nothing more than receiving a message from a client to say that our work together has changed their business, given them to courage to up their prices or created extra revenue for their business.

Spreading the success

It is no secret that when women do well financially they spread it, all over the place. They support fellow service providers by taking them on to support their growth, they buy from small businesses, they attend courses and events to continue their growth and they give a lot to charity, in fact, according to the 2018 global trends in giving report it was suggested that women make up 65% of the donating community.

Free downloadable workbook

Working for the greater good of whatever it is you are passionate about is simply AMAZING, and I want every woman to feel it whether you want to have or already have your own business, have a business idea you want to start or a side hustle which is why I have created the " Make your purpose your paycheck" workbook, a free 10-page workbook guiding you through establishing your purpose, defining it, aligning your purpose with your paycheck (whether that's your own business or the work you do for someone else) , creating purpose led opportunities and staying in touch with your purpose. Ready to get started babe?

Free webinar

To launch this epic workbook, I am offering you a free space on the "Make your purpose your paycheck" webinar on the 6th of May 10am - 11am where we will be running through the workbook together, looking at additional tools that can help us lead in a purpose led way and to give you the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have.

Sign up to the webinar here and you will receive the free "Make Your Purpose Your Paycheck" workbook in the webinar confirmation email.

Should you want to download the workbook without booking on the webinar, you can do so here

I am so excited to support you in finding and aligning with your purpose!

Have a wonderful week

Chelsea x

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