“Please let 2022 be the year we finally say adios to Boss Babe +SHE-E-O".

Updated: Mar 14

It's time to have more powerful discussions about feminine leadership and the strengths leading this way brings to the table, I caught up with the incredible Rebecca Mackay Miller, founder of BLOC + ROSE on her hopes in 2022 for women in business, enjoy babe!

Hey babe, Let's kick off by telling this community all about you...

I’m Rebecca, founder of BLOC + ROSE, a brand and storytelling strategist, word of mouth aficionado, champion of camaraderie over competition and big believer that Figuring Shit Out is an art. I can also make hats!

How long have you been in business and what was the catalyst for you to start your own business?

I launched BLOC + ROSE in April 2019, but the story starts a couple of years earlier…

Figuring shit out is something I’ve always been able to do.

I’m the friend who cuts straight to the core, the strategist who convinced five thousand women to spread the word about an incontinence product, the leader who united a broken team.

In October 2017, 15 years into my career as a brand marketer I encountered a problem I (almost) couldn't solve.

In the midst of redundancy, dismantling the agency I’d spent five years building and getting my head around the fact there was a tiny human growing inside me, I barely noticed as my identity, and with it self-belief, made a swift exit. For a while, confusion, chaos, and disassociation reigned as I attempted to outthink and rationalise the whispers, whims and wild, wild dreams that felt just out of reach.

Then one afternoon, glancing at a page I’d been absentmindedly doodling on, I saw the words ‘The Art of Figuring Shit Out’.

My response was visceral. In a comedic plot twist, I’d found a simple, clarifying solution to an overwhelming situation: I would just do me.

In BLOC + ROSE I built a business that gave structure to chaos, determined to help women like you, who do it so easily for others, but like me, find it too damn hard to figure out for yourself, find the connection, clarity, and conviction to build brands that set your fucking souls on fire.

Who do you help and how do you help them?

I work with coaches, consultants and strategists to unearth the clarity and conviction they need to build wildly fulfilling brands that feel right and do good, their way, through feminine strategies rooted in universal truths, and the power of story.

This looks like unearthing your Beliefs, Values, Vision and Mission and connecting back to your Why, articulating key messages, telling your story, starting meaning conversations that lead to deeply rooted visceral connections with your audience, growing your business and creating the impact you want to see in this word.

We do this 121, or as part of a small, intimate brand container I run 3 times a year (next intake is April!) or through one off workshops.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced whilst owning your own business?

This is two tiered. My own limiting beliefs, residual imposter syndrome, fear of being seen, having nothing original to bring etc. have been constant ‘companions’. In practical terms this has shown up as inaction, largely down to a lack of structure, strategic goal setting and planning. Calling the support of other women has been fundamental in my journey of overcoming this and I could not recommend Claire Diane enough for showing me the way back to myself, and you Chelsea for whipping my business planning into shape!

What’s your experience been like in terms of support from other women in business?

Insane. I can hand on heart say my business would not resemble what it does today without the unfaltering support I’ve had from the women around me. I could drop so many names here, but a special shout out to my ride or die Jess from Beyond Sonder, Lara from Found & Flourish and Natasha Jackon, who’ve all given me more than they could ever know 🖤

What would you like to see more off from the collective women in business this year?

Please let 2022 be the year we finally say adios to Boss Babe, SHE-E-O, and the pre-quelling of words like entrepreneur and founder with ‘female’, and instead start having meaningful discussions on what femnine leadership and business actually looks like, and the impact it can have on building the world we all want to live in.

For business owners to harness not just the power of storytelling as a tool for business growth, but also recognise and respect that the stories we tell contribute to the wider cultural narrative, and that as such with great storytelling, comes great responsibility.

How could another business owner collaborate with you in 2022 + what are your top 3 topics for discussions?

The conversations currently firing me up are:

- The power of storytelling, and responsibility business owners have to positively contribute to the wider cultural narrative

- Feminine leadership, specifically building brands from a place of innate femininity, by aligning personal beliefs to universal truths

- The three reasons people talk, and how to fuel them (the psychology of word of mouth)

Where can readers go to find out more about you and your business?


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Who inspires you and why?

The writer Sharon Blackie’s story speaks to my soul, I thoroughly recommend every woman read ‘If Women Rose Rooted’.

Also younger women, like Greta Thunberg with the clarity and conviction to use their voice to champion causes they believe in, that depth of self-knowledge at such a young age is awe inspiring and only something I began to unearth in my 30’s.

Finally, tell us, what's your favourite quote?

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”

David Bowie

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