Success on YOUR terms...

3 steps to understanding what your own success markers are and how you can stay in alignment with them.

"I just want to be successful" - I hear this OFTEN generally from new clients who feel lost or are lacking in direction, my response is always the same, what does that look like for you? And more times than not it blind sides them... they are unable to answer.

The truth is as business owners we are really good at outsourcing our definition of success, we look at what others are achieving, the claims they make to be earning and use this as what we "SHOULD" be aiming for but in reality what we "should" be doing is looking within.

I am yet to meet someone (and I'm sure they are out there!) who's started a business simply for the financial gain, the majority of us have another reason, an underlying purpose, an impact we want to have, a gap we want to fill that has affected us in life so this is where I ask you to start looking for your success markers with my first step....

  1. What do you want to achieve through your business beyond the financial gain? (We will come to the financial gain in step 3!) In my experience this will be 1 of 2 things, something that benefits you personally (ie, more flexibility, remote working, leave the 9-5 behind...etc) or something that benefits the collective or a specific community (to help xx person with xx thing) so what is it for you? Write it down, this becomes your business success marker!

  2. Now we are going to get personal, outside of the impact to you personally what is your business going to allow you to do in your life? Make these tangible, I'm not necessarily talking the BIG vision here, I'm talking in the day to day or immediate improvements in your personal life (ie, it is going to give me time to start a new hobby, it's going to give me extra income to spend on renovating the house, it's going to allow me to enjoy a coffee in my garden each morning rather than commuting) these benefits become your personal success markers. Write them down babe!

  3. Thirdly, how much money do YOU want to make? Forget what everyone else is doing, forget the noise of 10k months or 6 figure years, what do you want to earn in order to live your best life? And we start by working out what that best life looks like, what it feels like, how the day to day flows...etc, then work backwards, start with your base income "needs" how much do you NEED to bring in to cover the basics, plus savings for holiday, sickness and tax following this start building in your other success markers, what do you want to achieve personally this year and how much does that cost? Look at this as a total number for the year and then break it down quarterly, monthly and weekly. (Hello business targets!)

After following these steps you will have 3 key success markers completely unique to you, I've found that once these have been discovered the need for comparison or competing dwindles as it gives clear direction and a pathway to YOUR definition of success. But, it's all well and good knowing what your success markers are, how do you stay in alignment with them?

I'm going to give you 3 key prompts to do whilst you are working on your own definition of success, this will get you in the habit of questioning what you really want and what is just external noise making it's way in...

Start your working day with this one:

What does success look like for me today?

Finish your working day with this one:

Did today feel successful for me?

Start your weekend with this one:

What do I need from this weekend to stay in alignment with my success markers?

I would love to know how you get on with these steps and prompts babe, remember the more you work on your own path the less likely you are to focus on someone else's...

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