What is a strategy?

Updated: Jan 23

Things I’ve had people confuse a strategy with: packages, prices, courses, coaching, branding, marketing plans... & yessss all of these things contribute towards it but a strategy is essentially your bespoke guide to achieving your goals! ✨

When does a strategy work?

When it’s completely bespoke to you, your business, your business feels & your goals, downloading a standardised strategy & running with it isn’t going to work because it wasn’t made for you babe! There’s so much that needs to be taken into account on a personal & professional level like who you want to work with, what’s important to you & your unique superpowers & magic! There’s certainly no one size fits all strategy ✌️

How do I put client strategies together?

For smaller businesses this can be done over a 4 week intensive period, we start off by defining 3 key goals for the next 12 months, 1 financial, 1 business & 1 personal & then we take an in-depth look into these elements of your business & together create something that works for you, weaving in some Coxy magic 🙌✨

What’s the aim of a strategy created by me?

For you to have a tool to use daily that keeps your 3 main goals in mind, allows you to make quick decisions, remove anything that isn’t serving you or your business & take little steps to achieving those bigger goals, whatever those look like for you!

I love talking about strategies, if you want to book in a chat to discuss creating your very own, you can do so here!

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