Why do I talk so much about 90-day business plans?

Updated: Jan 23

Well, quite frankly babe, it changed the way I do business, sounds dramatic I know but it's true...

When I started my business, I had just left a corporate role that required me to work on 12-month cycles. I had become so used to thinking, planning and working in 12-month chunks so it was only natural that I'd take this habit with me into my own business.

So that's how I started out in my first year of self-employment, planning the next 12 months diligently with very little room for flexibility, humanity and other priorities and guess what? It didn't go to plan! (Shock)

Bouncing back from the curveballs & digging deep

I was hit with a few unexpected curve balls in my first year of business which meant I had to really dig deep on my own purpose and success markers. Whilst going through that, I started simply planning month by month, looking at the 4-weeks ahead of me and setting goals for those but I found that wasn't leaving me enough time to actually action things I wanted to.

So after a few months of this work style, I switched to quarterly planning and found it really worked for me. It gave me the feeling of control I needed, the space to create a strategy, be flexible, deep dive into industry movement, create historical data for my business which allows me to forecast better in the future and most importantly re-align with my business foundations (purpose & values) 4 times a year.

I started creating and implementing these for my clients too who also found this approach hugely helpful and started using them as a daily business tool which is just epic, putting the time into essentially creating a quarterly roadmap for yourself is so worth the time and energy.

My top 3 tips for creating your own 90-day business plan

  1. Know where you are heading, what are your key goals for the quarter? What would success look like for you at the end of the coming quarter?

  2. Make it visually appealing, you want it to be something that you go to everyday to check in on your progress and goals, so how does it need to look to keep you engaged?

  3. Don't let it gather dust, don't spend the time on it only to leave it in a folder on your laptop somewhere, open it everyday, have a progress tracker within it that means you have to open it daily and check in on where you are at.

I would love to hear how you get on with creating, implementing and working with your own 90 day business plan, does it work for you?

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