Why plan your business moves quarterly through a 90 day business plan?

If you've been here for a while you will know I'm a HUGE fan of a 90 day business plan... here's why...

When my clients come to me they are generally looking for more structure and control within their business, amongst other things we work together to create a quarterly work pattern through a 90 day business plan, this allows us to delve in depth into a quarter as a period of time and build a business structure that can be developed over time.

The benefits of working this way are many but here are some key top level ones to consider:

Smaller steps to the bigger vision markers - helps prevent overwhelm from focussing on the bigger picture and allows you to break the steps down into more manageable immediately actionable steps which also in turn stops inaction paralysis and procrastination.

Deep dive into the quarter - get a much clearer picture of the ebbs and flows of that specific timeframe, create historical data for your business and hone your forecasting skills.

Realignment with the inner functions of your business - including the foundations, systems + processes, marketing and processes on a regular basis to make tweaks throughout the year to ensure the business is aways working in alignment with you, your success markers and messaging.

This also allows you to understand your capacities more in terms of clients and offerings, how this can developed and where there are growth opportunities available for your business.

If you are looking to create more structure in your business, need to find a working pattern that suits you to feel more in control or want to find ways to develop and grow your business, you can book a Powerful Planning session with me here, this will give us 2 hours of dedicated time together to go through each area of your business, work out a structure for you to develop and inject some confidence into your direction. Looking forward to working with you babe!

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