Why Rebrand?

Updated: Jan 23

Hey babe,

Having rebranded my business gradually over the past 3 months, I thought I would share with you some key considerations that led me to take the leap & change the name!

From my experience both working on my own rebrand and those of my clients there are usually a unique driver that tends to fall in to one of these 2 categories:

Reactive: when you react to a situation that is generally external to your business, for example, COVID - 19, drastic industry change or movement, a trademark issue... etc


Proactive: when you plan ahead & realise that your business name perhaps doesn’t fit your overall plan, you are launching a new product in the future that doesn’t compliment the current brand name/branding or you simply know it’s time for a change.

Mine was a mixture of both and here are some of the key considerations I made ahead of making the change:

✨Being authentically you is key - your brand should inspire & excite you (this point is very much geared at the service based businesses, product focused businesses will have a different set of objectives but ultimately the brand name & branding should still excite you!)

✨Vibing with your brand, hitting a wall creatively, emotionally & growth wise is normal for any business but if you are feeling like you are consistently hitting a wall then it could be a bigger thing.

✨Visibility - this is a big one for me. I have had people recommend me personally and i’ve lost out on the work because they can’t find me. This can be fixed through better marketing of course but in my opinion you need the vibing with your brand also.

✨Industry movement, where do you envisage your industry going in the coming years and is your

brand reflective of this?

✨Understanding your ideal clients needs - my clients like the personal touch, they like the 1:1 interaction and this leads to more trust & openness which in turn aids me in supporting them & their business in the way they need.

Above all - listen to your gut! She’s very rarely wrong!

If you are struggling with a decision around rebranding/renaming & need some support let's have a chat and work it out together!

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