Why you should be creating historical data in your business..

...and how to structure it for yourself.

Ok ok so I don't like using the word "should" in business, there's very few "shoulds" I will ever give you but I feel really strongly about the importance and benefits of this for businesses of all sizes so you absolutely SHOULD be incorporating this into your business for the better development, structure and growth of your business.

So first up what the heck is historical data? Well it's all the information collected from your business over set periods of time to enable you to look back and work out the best way to move forward, grow your business and understand what works for you and what doesn't, it allows you to make better decisions and hone your skills in forecasting the future of your business.

In terms of how this is done practically, as you will probably know if you've been here a little while, I'm a huge fan of the quarterly or 90 day business plan, I work with all my clients on creating their very own quarterly structures as well as working in alignment with my own. With this in mind, I advise to date and save all quarterly plans rather than stripping back and reusing the same template, completing a quarterly review to attach to the plan which covers: highlights of the quarter, success markers, achievements, learnings and notes to look back on, you would then have a dedicated digital folder to keep all of these in one place, when planning for the coming quarter you can then look back at the same quarter from past years to spot any dedicated patterns, ebbs and flows.

The benefits of this information is huge, the opportunity to spot patterns, uncover areas of improvement, key learnings to take forward and visibility opportunities that work for you is absolute gold.

If you need support in understanding your historical data in more depth, creating a structure to use this efficiently and guidance in analysing this you can book a powerful planning session with me here this will give us 2 hours of dedicated time together to go through best practice for you and your business, work out a structure for you to use your historical data to develop and inject some confidence into your direction. Looking forward to working with you babe!

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