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Here's some lovely words from my clients. 

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"Working with Chelsea is like having a manager & mentor rolled in to one. She provides you with tons of clarity, confidence and the balls to make things happen. Since working with Chelsea, I have found tons of clarity & confidence in my ability and execution of what I truly want in life & business, as well as having a support system for when I doubt myself. I could not recommend Chelsea enough"

Laura Phelan

Founder of Phelan Well

"Chelsea is an amazing team member outside of your team. Her help with streamlining, redefining and outlining growth within our company has been key to support us through a difficult and challenging time. Her proactiveness and quick - thinking attitude has been a godsend for my business"

Fab Giovanetti

Founder of Creative Impact Co

"Working with Chelsea over the past year has been invaluable for my business, I had very much reached a plateau through my knowledge & skill set. Chelsea has helped me gain strategy & sales streamline. If you are in business and want to take it to the next level, I cannot recommend Chelsea enough"

Catri Barrett
Life Coach & Founder of The Curiosity Club

"I found working with Chelsea truly amazing, she is so knowledgeable & incredible at what she does. She is fantastic at coming up with concise strategies and always goes above & beyond. I would highly recommend Chelsea to anyone looking for support"

Sophie Clyde - Smith 
Business & Career Coach

"I used to dread sales and believed that I just wasn’t ‘a sales person’, however as a business owner knew that I needed to find a way to embrace it. I signed up to Chelsea’s sales course after doing one of her workshops, and felt drawn to her female focussed approach to sales which was a new and refreshing perspective for me. Since taking part in Chelsea’s Sales course I’ve come away with a whole new perspective of sales, and now understand I’m so grateful to Chelsea for her amazing insight, and would highly recommend the course!"

Lucy Bond 
Founder of Well Global

Abby Russell review

"I love working with Chelsea as I know I can trust her 100% and she has my best interest at heart. She is my go-to for business help. I love her strong values and morals behind her own business so that gives me full confidence in working with her"

Abby Russell 
Content Creator & Stylist

Nia Davies review

I have love working with Chelsea this year. Chelsea has been both an authentic and invaluable mentor, friend and advisor to me. 
She has helped to reassure, put out fires, grow and develop, strategise and leverage a well connected network in the industry. I consider myself lucky to have found such a fantastic support!

Nia Davies 

Content Creator & Consultant 

Molly Forbes review

"I'm pretty sure that without Chelsea the #FreeFromDiets campaign wouldn't have transformed into the social movement that it's become. Chelsea took my passion for change and helped turn it into an actionable, tangible campaign that keeps on growing. There's no way I'd have been about to do this alone and I'm grateful everyday to have Chelsea by my side"

Molly Forbes
Campaigner & Content Creator

Ceri Jones review

"Working with Chelsea has been instrumental this past 6 months, in helping me take my cluttered work pattern and business into something more streamlined and profitable. I've been working on the business for a long time, so having someone to chat through ideas with, and ultimately make them happen has been a huge relief. Chelsea really took the time to get to know me when we started working together and I feel she really gets what I'm about"

Ceri Jones 
Chef & Content Creator

Sam Willoughby review

"Chelsea has helped the Live Well events brand become firmly established in the wellness festival calendar.  From generating commercial proposals and identifying new customers to developing new feature ideas, every part of the event process, she has experience of and provides a valuable sounding board at every step of the way.  She has a no-nonsense and extremely positive attitude and is lovely to work with"

Sam Willoughby 
Founder - Live Well Events

Sonal Ambasna review

“Chelsea’s Sales Course is perfect for anyone who is flummoxed by sales. It’s the one part of my business I don’t enjoy but Chelsea has changed that! I love the way Chelsea demystifies the sales process and helps you put it in the context of your own business and needs. I feel a lot more confident about selling, sales outreach and so much more, thank you Chelsea!”

Sonal Ambasna 

Alexa Mullane review

"We brought Chelsea in to train our staff in sales. They had no previous sales experience so it was all very new and daunting for them. Chelsea put together a training plan to inspire and motivate them. She also devised a new bonus incentive scheme which the staff were very excited about. Feedback following the training was very positive and the staff all started putting what they had learnt into practice straight away. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chelsea."

Alexa Mullane - Marketing Lead
Get A Drip

Ella Flavell review

"I had a great time at Chelsea's workshop, it was really helpful to get a different perspective on other people sales stories, and it has provided me with more clarity moving forward of how to accelerate my career. Some actions I will take from the workshop is to put together a '5 year plan' which will include promotion and financial goals, also to read more books around sales mindset and growth so I can expand my skills"

Ella Flavell

Samsara Consultant

Abi Adams review.jpg

Working with Chelsea was an utter inspiration of clarity and productivity. I felt really supported and was deeply touched at the lengths Chelsea went to create my strategy of success. When I felt doubtful, Chelsea was on the phone explaining exactly what and why putting my mind at ease.


I’ve implemented her ideas to great success and it’s given me more time and energy in the long run. I don’t feel like I’m working hard enough lol!


I highly recommend Chelsea. You’d be a fool not to work with her!

Abi Adams
Founder, Prøject Wøman

Lorna Ive review

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Chelsea Cox, to help me to build my business further.

Chelsea is a fantastic business mentor.  Always focused, supportive whilst sharing her great business advice with clear vision for a business to grow and expand.
We worked together during Covid-19,  Chelsea remained professional, committed, calm and was incredibly supportive.  
I look forward to working with Chelsea again in the future and I can fully recommend her as a great investment for your company.

Lorna Ive

Business Owner, PeriMenoPost

Megan Donnellan review

Having sessions with Chelsea has helped me gain clarity on where I want my business to go and how to get there. Chelsea has given me the tools to help progress and develop  as a person which will ultimately help my business. I look forward to Chelsea's sessions and feel they give me accountability, confidence and excite me on how my business will develop in the future.

Megan Donnellan

Business Owner, A Content Life

Ella Piper review

Chelsea made me realise my worth not only in my business but in myself too. She helped me scale in a way that felt comfortable and achievable all while pushing me to dream big. Chelsea has so much knowledge to share and will help you gain clarity on your direction (even if, like me, you have no idea where to start). 


Chelsea is a total dream to work with and if you are reading this feeling stuck, in a rut or just wanting a bit of help to reach your goals then Chelsea is the woman for the job. You will not regret it for a second.

Ella Piper
Business Owner, Virtually Ella

Faye Edwards review

'Working with Chelsea has been such a boost to my brand and has given me so much more direction and structure which has motivated me to put all my ideas into action. The most important thing for me when working with someone is having them share the same values so I loved that I really got along well with Chelsea, we are passionate about many of the same things which makes us work well together. Since working with Chelsea I have kick started my video project called ‘In Conversation with Faye,' an idea that I had been procrastinating for years, and I feel so elated that I was given the confidence to finally pursue this project and she created the perfect name for the project. I have also been able to get more engagement from my email database from Chelsea improving the strategy around my email and content, and has helped me with rebranding and consistency. Working with Chelsea has ignited even more fire in my belly to succeed.'

Faye Edwards

Business Owner, F.I.T Jam