The Powerful Planning

In need of a business plan of action for the coming quarter? Then this is for you babe! A 3 hour 1:1 session structured over 6 steps to give you clarity + direction, a plan + structure as well as the confidence needed to reach your own definition of success. This session will give you actionable steps to follow to reach your very own markers of success whilst highlighting areas of strength and potential improvements. You will also receive 2 weeks of follow up email support from me to hold you accountable and help you implement the plan. So babe, what are you waiting for? Let's get planning!



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Step 1


We will commence our session by reviewing your current business state as well as checking in on your business foundations to ensure total alignment and clarity on your business as a whole.

Step 3


We will then start creating a plan together with actionable steps to reach your success markers and gain an understanding of any gaps that might need filling within the business to meet your markers.

Step 5


Our 5th step will be to take an in depth look into your systems and processes to ensure you are set up in a smart way to carry you through the quarter.

Step 2


After ensuring clarity and alignment we will take a look at the coming quarter and gain direction for you by setting 3 key success markers, 1 financial, 1 business and 1 personal to work towards.

Step 4


whilst planning we will also create structure for the coming quarter, taking a good look at your time allocation for the quarter, your client capacity and your other commitments such as collaborations and marketing activities.

step 6


Finally we talk about you, the business owner,what do you need in place personally to succeed, how can your build better habits for yourself and ensure your celebrating your wins.

The overall aim of this Powerful Planning session is for you to have a business plan for the coming quarter that highlights key areas of strength and improvements, gives you actionable steps to follow and complete direction on what success looks like for you to keep you focussed, accountable and feeling in control.

i was feeling quite lost in my business. i knew my ultimate end goal but wasn't sure on how to get there or what the actions were i needed to take. it felt like i was often just doing things without a reason or direction.

i loved working with chelsea! I knew from the start what it was we were going to cover in the session and that it was going to tick the boxes of what i needed help with.
i now have a strategy, i know the steps i need to take to improve my  business but also what the next 12 months and beyond looks like. it actually feels like i have a business now rather than something i was just playing around with.

i have as a result invested in new branding and i'm preparing a full relaunch of my offerings. i have been consistently taking action and have never felt more clear. thinking of working with chelsea? do it! she will change your business.


Jenny Smith - the hull nutritionist

Robb Walters