For female small business owners & service providers looking for a more soulful approach to selling that gives them clarity in their approach, income streams and process whilst gaining confidence in their sales style. Feel the power of a new way of selling. 

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Chelsea Cox


Feel the power of a new way of selling, one that feels good. 

During my 15 years of commercial management I worked hard to buck the cold, robotic & sleaze filled sales trends and focus on a way of selling that feels good (for both me and my clients), one that was solution led and highlighted the importance of creating & nurturing amazing client relationships and providing excellent service, time and time again this way proved successful through financial increases, building profitable products, creating award winning sales strategies and building client relationships that I still hold and work with to this day.


Since taking the self employed leap of faith 3 years ago, I have sold on behalf of my clients, trained sales teams and individuals through workshops and ongoing support in this way of selling, Soulful Selling. This has led me to create this 4 week programme for you, the female business owner or service provider that feels lost in sales, that struggles with the bombardment of sales information & noise out there and wants to explore a new way of doing things, one that feels good, soulful and bespoke to them. 


Throughout this 4 week programme we will go on a sales journey that combines creating your own unique approach, sales style, plan and process with working on your confidence, purpose and business values whilst strengthening & diversifying your income streams, these things combined make selling feel less like selling and more like a natural conversation between your ideal client and yourself throughout your business to offer the solution you provide to their problem with excellent customer service and relationship building at the very core of your approach. The aim of this programme is to show you a way of selling that feels good and for you to finish with clarity & confidence in your sales approach, style, process and plan. 


I can’t wait to show you the power of selling in a soulful, feel good way.

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"Chelsea is knowledgeable, supportive, and very friendly, and I really like her energy. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey at times, and my consultations with Chelsea made me feel heard and understood. 

It is easy to get lost in the sea of free online advice but know that you don’t have to do it yourself and working with a professional will save you a lot of stress and money. It would have taken me months and many mistakes to learn what I have learned with Chelsea in a month’s time

Stanislava Sihelska - Personal Stylist 

This is for you if you need:
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Cut through the noise and focus on why you started your business, put purpose first to create an approach, style, plan and process that works for you and your clients.

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Believe it or not, sales generally work on the premise of  90% conviction and only 10% persuasion, we will work on developing your confidence in your conviction of your offerings. 

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A new way 

One that doesn't adopt sleazy tactics and techniques, no generic templates or funnels. Soulful Selling focuses on the uniqueness of you, your business and your offerings.

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Creation or development 

Look to the future of your business, what are your financial goals? Let's work together to create, develop and strengthen your income streams.


What's Included


  • 4 90 minute live workshops hosted & led by Chelsea covering each of the 4 modules (replay available)

  • Unlimited email access to Chelsea over the 4 weeks to further support, guide and advise 

  • Workbooks for each module to complete in your own time

  • 2 pre recorded sessions led by Chelsea to watch in your own time covering sales boundaries & corporate outreach

  • Initial meet & greet session 

  • Access to an optional private Facebook group to further connect and inspire 

  • 2 accountability calls led by Chelsea over the 4 weeks 

  • Weekly sales tips to further develop via email 

  • Sales resources & tools

  • Collective book club over the 4 weeks covering a choice of 2 books



Payment Plan Available 

The Modules 

Upon booking your space on the 4 week Soulful Selling programme you will receive an initial questionnaire to understand where you are on your sales and business journey, should there be any gaps I feel need filling outside of the 4 modules, I will send you additional resources and tools to support you with these. Below you will find a breakdown of the 4 core modules, each of which will be covered in depth through the weekly 90 minute live sessions.

Module 1 - Purpose

The most important part of any business is clarity on your why , your direction and structure, all of which can evolve over time so ahead of starting any programme or development project on your business, it's key to revisit your business foundations and ensure you are in alignment before starting the deeper work, in this module we will look at:

  • Your purpose - why you do what you do beyond the financial gain (which is a given) 

  • Your values - what does your business stand for?

  • Your ideal client - who do you want to help or support with your offerings?

  • Alignment - are you consistently working in alignment with these key business foundations?

  • Unique selling point - spoiler alert, it's you babe!

  • Commitments to yourself and your business 

  • Internal validation tools 

  • Reflection on how far you have come and where you want to go with your business

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Module 2 - Products & Packages

Are your income streams working for you? In this module we will be delving into how you make money in your business, how we can strengthen them, develop them and future proof them, we will be covering:

  • Current income streams and how to strengthen them 

  • Creation and development of new income streams

  • Types of income streams

  • Income stream flow for clients

  • Get honest about your earning needs and wants 

  • Pricing on value

  • Revenue & cashflow tracking 

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Module 3 - Process

Systems and processes in business don't get the hype they deserve, they are key to providing excellent service for your clients whilst feeling as in control as possible of your business.Your sales process covers the client journey from introduction through to package or product completion and everything in between, we will be covering:


  • Getting visible to your ideal client 

  • Collaboration & partnerships 

  • Listening and language 

  • Sales process systems recommendations 

  • Client journey process

  • Client relationship management 

  • Business boundaries ( separate pre-recorded session)

  • Corporate outreach (separate pre-recorded session)

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Module 4 - Plan

Having a plan in place is key for clarity, direction & structure within your business, in this module we will be looking at your next steps, how to take what you've learnt forward and how to futureproof your business, we will be covering:

  • Financial Goal Setting 

  • Sales strategy 

  • Creating historical data for your business 

  • Industry research 

  • Committing through ebbs and flows 

  • Perseverance

  • Sales Prompts 

  • 30 day sales challenge for September 

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Live Session Times

Meet & Greet Session

Tuesday 10th August 2021 12pm - 1pm 

Module 1 Session - Purpose

Wednesday 11th August 2021 12pm - 1:30pm 

Accountability Session 1

Monday 16th August 2021 9am - 10am 

Module 2 Session - Products 

Wednesday 18th August 2021 12pm - 1:30pm 

Accountability Session 2

Monday 23rd August 2021 9am - 10am 

Module 3 Session - Process

Module 4 Session - Plan

Wednesday 25th August 2021 12pm - 1:30pm 

Wednesday 1st September 2021 12pm - 1:30pm 

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All module sessions will be recorded and available for replay on the same day should you not be able to attend live.

Payment Plans 

One Payment


Two Payments

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The full price of Soulful Selling 4 week programme all inclusive is of £222 which can be paid in one full payment or 2 payments of £111
(1 upon booking and 1 4 weeks later)

Rave Reviews
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Lucy Bond 
Founder of Well Global

"I used to dread sales and believed that I just wasn’t ‘a sales person’, however as a business owner knew that I needed to find a way to embrace it. I signed up to Chelsea’s sales course after doing one of her workshops, and felt drawn to her female focussed approach to sales which was a new and refreshing perspective for me. Since taking part in Chelsea’s Sales course I’ve come away with a whole new perspective of sales, and now understand I’m so grateful to Chelsea for her amazing insight, and would highly recommend the course!" 

Fab Giovanetti
Founder of Creative Impact co

"Sales can be fun, and Chelsea is the living proof of that. Chelsea's passion clearly comes across from her desire to make women empowered when selling, yet her experience and unique approach to sales is what can give you the confidence to believe in yourself when first approaching selling your products. I could not recommend her sales masterclass enough!"

Sonal Ambasna 

“Chelsea’s Sales Course is perfect for anyone who is flummoxed by sales. It’s the one part of my business I don’t enjoy but Chelsea has changed that! I love the way Chelsea demystifies the sales process and helps you put it in the context of your own business and needs. I feel a lot more confident about selling, sales outreach and so much more, thank you Chelsea!”


Who is this for?

This is for female business owners, service providers, freelancers and entreprenuers looking for a new way of selling that feels good.

Will I receive practical tools and resources to work with?

Yes you will, upon booking you will recieve an initial questionnaire which will allow me to understand where you currently are, I will send any resources or tools that I think will support you straight away, you will then receive a workbook for each module plus a sales tracker to use forevermore and a monthly sales plan document.

When does the programme start?

To be confirmed soon. Don't forget to join the waitlist to register your interest and be the first to hear when dates are available.

What if I can't make the sessions live?

The 4 module sessions will be recorded and the replays will be sent out on the same day as the live sessions

“Chelsea’s Sales Course is perfect for anyone who is flummoxed by sales. It’s the one part of my business I don’t enjoy but Chelsea has changed that! I love the way Chelsea demystifies the sales process and helps you put it in the context of your own business and needs. I feel a lot more confident about selling, sales outreach and so much more, thank you Chelsea!”
Sonal Ambasna - Nutritionist